How do you do the quick air cannon strike?

I dont play cammy but am interested in starting using her…ive seen alot of match videos and just wondering how they do that super quick air cannon strike?

example here 7 seconds into match - [media=youtube]urvuOGeepAM[/media]

That’s a tricky move for beginners, but with practice you can master it (actully I have problems with that too).

For a **regular Instant Cannon Strike **(no EX), you do QCB, uf + K (down, down-back, back, up-foward + kick)

For an **EX Instant Cannon Strike **(aka, Tigger Knee Cannon Strike - TKCS), you do QCB, ub + KK (down, down-back, back, up-back + 2 kick buttons). However, if you wish, you can do the EX TKCS with the same imput you used for the regular version (except with 2 kicks, obviously)

nice one i’ll give it a try…ive been trying to do d,df,f,u K

No different then spamming a close range fireball or less effective then using an overhead attack.

If you got good dexterity, you can actually do the motion immediately instead of relying on obscure shortcuts. I play on 360 D-Pad and getting the 2149 shortcut is extremely difficult. So I just do the motion real quick as soon as I jump and press K. Instant EX however is a JOKE. Just do a semi circle from down to up going back and you’ll pull it out.

unfortunately you won’t be able to punish crouch tech as well by welfaring it like that, nor do any of her heavier hitting/stunning combos or resets without meter. nothing matches the speed of 2149+K.

im just beginning to be able to do this. im decent when im on the right side but my left side is a total toss up.

I know this thread is old, but damn is it hard. I have been maining cammy in ever game she was in, and I never do get the hang of some things. I can do the ex version just by doing almost the whole circle. The non ex is harder. Maybe its because I use the xbox controller. :s I seen people do it on one though.

tl,dr: Keep practicing. Watch your inputs.