How do you do the teleport and gliding kick

how do you do the akuma teleport and the kick when you jump you will glide down towards your opponent

Push Down R Up L Y B

I never could get the teleport down, but I can do demonflips consistently, by doing a forward somersault and extending my leg at the peak of the jump. Hope this helps.

your technique is completely wrong, it’s all in the chi.

roshi is that you?

lol gliding kick. You mean dive kick? You can do it a few ways:

Jump towards opponent and at the apex of the jump press Down+MK. OR Do a Shoryuken motion with any kick and press any kick anytime in the air. If you do not press anything he will land and slide kick. The LP version goes close, MP middle, and HP the furthest.

Also you can cancel the kick if you press any kick or punch right about shoulder level before you hit the ground and he will just land on the ground regularly so you can block or throw or whatever you want.

To do Ashura (Teleport), you need to do the Shoryuken motion either forwards or backwards with either 2 punch buttons or 2 kick buttons. Although some games it requires 3 of either.

The punch version goes furthest and the kick version goes shorter. Also the backwards version goes less distance than the forwards version for either PP or KK.


Oh Boy I hope it is… I want the Mp3 of his Remixed Ryu SF2 Stage.

wow the dive kick sure seems complicated >.< but you said at the peek of the jump, i saw some vids of pro akuma players some of the jump isnt that high some or most are just begin to jump then they can execute it, umm do you know another SA of akuma the one that he raises his hand then a big shockwave