How do you DP on reaction?

I play Ryu, and everybody always says “don’t jump in on Ryu”. But that only applies to high level play, when it comes to low/mid level play you can jump all you want on me and probably 95% of Ryu’s that play online as long as you’re not being too predicable.

Anyways I find that if I’m fishing for a jump in, I can get the DP out in time. But if I’m actually looking to fireball up close or try to play footsies(so I’m holding block most of the time) and then the other guy jumps, I either block or try crouching fierce if I feel I can get it out in time. One thing that amazes me about Daigo is that almost nobody is allowed to jump in on him. He almost always DP’s a jump in on reaction.

Now I’m not saying I want to be that good because it’s just not going to happen. But I at least would like to be able to do it against online opponents around my skill level when the connection is smooth. So basically what tips can you give me to improve reaction on my own as none of my friends play the game seriously.

On SF4? DPing SF4’s slow-ass jump ins amazes you? Haha

Trust me, you will be “that good” one day. Because DPing jump-ins consistently is really nothing. By that logic me and my group of friends that play ST and Vampire Savior would all be “high level”, and that’s just not true. You’re amazed at it because it’s still not natural to you. Trust me, experienced players DP stuff on reaction on much faster games and nobody writes home about it

So my tip would be “keep playing FGs”. Once DPs are second nature to you, you won’t even have to think “alright now if he jumps I’m gonna DP! Come on man, jump jump JUMP”, it’ll just happen automatically. If you’re thinking about execution while you play, you’re still some time away from that, but always keep practicing. One day it all slides into place

1: Don’t play online if you have people to play with offline. That’s your first problem.

2: Learn the jump arcs for every character. Once you learn how far they jump, you can figure out from where on the screen you actually DP rather than just blocking the crossup/empty jump/etc.

3: Press forward, down, down/forward, punch.

FG aren’t new to me, I’ve been playing since SF2 in the early 90’s and have been playing plenty ever since then. And sorry, I was talking about SF4. I know all the basics and can even do some decent combos, it’s just my reflexes like most players are shit. If a guy fireballs within jump in distance, I’m not fast enough to react to it so that my jump in will land. They’ll be able to block it in time or DP it. Same applies to what I’m asking right now, if a guy jumps on me without being too predictable and I try to DP it, I’ll probably get kicked in the face 70-80% of the time. Experience isn’t a issue either as I’ve played thousands of matches and have went into matches with the mindset that I would try to DP on reaction instead of blocking/crouching fierce. You could say it didn’t work out in my favor unless my opponent was that bad.

Anyways maybe I’m just a lost cause, who knows. I can do cr. short, cr. jab, SRK, FADC, Ultra pretty easily. But if a guy keeps me guessing within footsie range then he doesn’t have to be afraid of the SRK at all because I’m too afraid to try the SRK, mexican uppercut all day baby.

As for playing offline. I don’t have anybody to play with, at least not competitively. I have some friends who like to play casually once in a while, but they don’t take the game seriously so they look just like flow chart Ken’s that everybody likes to make fun of. They’re so predictable that I can just sit there and wait for it.

Yes I understanding your frustration with this particular situation. The only way you can really improve on this is by training your ability to react.

Take for example this test:

What do you score? My personal score is an average of .218, and I suck at being able to react to anything.

Justin Wong said it best I believe, with something like “I don’t think, my hands just do it”

physical conditioning is key, you need to make it a muscle memory reaction to a particular situation (in this case a jump in)

So try to train your reaction time, time to train your reaction to a jump in (perhaps with a friend in training mode), and train your ability to react to specific situations.

Damn, I scored a .260. I feel slow as hell :rofl:

Don’t feel bad, I was .268 in my attempt. But then again, that’s me sitting there waiting for it to change just like how I talked about fishing for jump ins instead of naturally reacting to it. Anyways, thanks Kooper, I will take everything you said into consideration and I guess try to come up with a training method for myself and try that reaction test to every now and then.

I take a lot of that stuff for granted. I’ll consider the above.

Got a reaction time of 0.219. Probably average.

I averaged .168 across 5 runs of that test…that is 10 frame reaction time, which I am told is very fast.

But in REAL MATCHES I always feel like my reactions just aren’t fast enough.

So yeah…raw reaction time as measured by the test above is good, but its not the whole story.

OP: If you keep training hard, I bet in 6 months you answer your own question and look back on this with a smile. Just keep playing and that stuff will eventually be second nature.

Another part of not getting jumped in on is spacing yourself correctly…but that is kinda a whole other topic.

I would like to try and get Justin or someone to come in here and try that reaction test :lol:

It would be interesting…I have a theory that high scores on that reaction test don’t equate to equally fast in-game reactions…it would be interesting to gather data on that from top players.

Top players are always thinking two steps ahead, so its really hard to surprise them…they know your options just like you do, so when you try to fake them out…they were aware of the exact same choices you were.

But a player like me…even if I do have naturally quick reactions…its not too hard to surprise me because too much of my play is still reactionary. I spend too much of my time playing the match like its checkers when the match is actually chess.

I think that has a big impact on in game reactions.


This reaction test is better… most definitely better

This one also has a negative stimulus(because its also a good thing to know when NOT to react to something i.e a safe jump)

Actually whether or not your test is better for extrapolation to fighting games is very debatable.

Weakneses of your test:

Stimulus is color/pattern, NOT motion.

Strengths of your test:


In my opinion, there are WAY too many fakes. I did a run just now and the first SIX tests were all just fakes.

Strengths of the sheep test:

Has fakes just like yours.
Tracks on MOTION, not just color/pattern.
You have to watch multiple targets, never sure of which will move.

Weaknesses of the sheep test:


In my personal opinion, the test you posted is inferior to the sheep test. My score on your test was not very different from the sheep test (one run and I averaged a .172, which is still ~10 frames).

I buffer crouching DP between pokes and after dashes… generally whenever I’m not doing something else.

It turns “React, Buffer DP, Hit Punch!” into “React, Hit Punch!”

lol, I scored 0.270 not very fast

You have to also take into account that some DPs are not done reactionary, but are done by conditioning the opponent.

hmmmmmmm, 0.192 avg, gotta get better…

And those would be the bad ones no?

No solid player commits to a punishable move like a DP without seeing the jump…

I spaz on [f, d, df + p] and yell “OH SHIT. DEE PEE!!!”

But in all seriousness, you’ll get it the more you play/practice. Eventually, you’ll get to a point where you can even think about what you want to do while they are in the air coming down at you.