How Do You Eat Your Bacon?


I can’t stand fried bacon. Crispy meat is a sin in the eyes of God, I’m pretty sure.

Whenever I eat bacon, I just microwave it for a few minutes until it’s hot enough to eat, and JUST starting to get burn marks on it.

A BLT sandwich is horrible when you use crispy bacon. Try it with chewy bacon, and you have a mouth adventure waiting to happen. Also fuck tomatoes on that shit too. Just bread, mayo, and bacon. Lettuce too I suppose, if your feminine side kicks in.

Anybody have any creative ways of cooking bacon (not including the obvious addition to virtually every food ever)?

and for our resident SRK Jewish and Muslim peoples…have you ever eaten bacon? I’ve made people from both your religions eat bacon, for what it’s worth.




I bake it on a cookie sheet, yo. Fits eight strips comfortably. No preheat and set it for 13-18 minutes depending on your desired crispy level (13 minutes here).

I usually eat bacon on/in foods with another existing meat product, with breakfast, or alone on a plate. None of that bacon cake, bacon milkshake, bacon yogurt bullshit that the internet wants to try to foist on regular niggas like me.


do explain

oven bacon would work…microwave is still faster. 13 minutes??? Fuck that, 1 lb of bacon for like 5 mins in a microwave = heaven

I don’t add bacon to like ANYTHING i eat oddly enough. I just eat it by itself, or on sandwiches…pretty much by itself.

so sad now :frowning:


A lb. of bacon in a microwave would be messy as fuck. That’s the worst part of cooking bacon, harvesting all that wonderful grease for use in other meals without leaving a giant mess. I just do a few strips at a time, yo. Anything over 4 - 5 strips, I put it in the oven.

That said, yes. Chewy bacon > crispy bacon. Depending on application, of course.

Salads - Crispy
BLT - Requires a firmness just beyond chewy, but not quite crispy.
Bacon & eggs - chewy

Try this. Slice some jalapeno and place it on top of your bacon slices in the oven. When it’s done you can just eat it with the jalapenos or scrape them off and save them for something else, but the bacon will be infused with dat robust jalapeno heat. :tup:

Also, a BLT needs sandwich spread in lieu of mayo.

It really is a magical meat.



I fry it on an electric griddle and it comes out perfect. You can leave it on longer without burning it.

My favorite way to eat bacon is to wrap cream cheese-stuffed jalapenos with thick sliced bacon and throw them suckers on the grill.


Gotta be cooked on a cookie type pan in the oven, drained after it’s done. Bacon any other way is just wrong IMO


try mixing ground meat with the cream cheese :wink:

multiple bacon trays, amigo

I have always wanted to do french fries, using bacon grease.

oh i agree. Can’t really have chewy bacon on salad, for instance. Bacon bits have their applications, but for full pieces of bacon, you really need chewy instead of crispy.

lol i do do this, occasionally, but in other ways :stuck_out_tongue:

nope, i’m white.

I use this though:

dat balsamic mayo


Hence why I have convinced so many jewish and muslim heroes to partake of it. Anybody who doesn’t eat bacon for a non health reason (ie you’ve had 3 heart attacks or more), doesn’t deserve life on this planet.


You’re fucking up bro.


Salted with the tears of my fallen enemies


I also like to order veggie burgers with bacon at restaurants to fuck with the servers.


bring a fancy dagger, and ask to cut the meat yourself


I am gonna go buy a fancy dagger tomorrow for cutting up bacon. I’ll post pics.


I normally like it kinda chewy. As for how I eat my bacon, it is normally somewhat akin to this


Cook it on the frying pan first (fucking microwave? seriously? might as well have your fat princeses warm it up between her asschecks). Onces it’s almost done (the fat is still kinda soft, but the meat is starting to turn crispy and most of the oil is disposed of), I dump diced tomato, onion, and serrano. Once that’s done, add a dash of cilantro, so godlike. Plain bacon is no longer appetizing for me.


Crispy bacon or GTFO.


Wrapped in pancakes. After being pan fried, as creation intended.


can’t believe so many ppl don’t fucks w crispy bacon…its the only way to true pork enlightenment IMO. fried usually, but I will take it microwaved when I’m lazy…and BLTs with Miracle Whip (not mayo…Ew.)


I forgot to mention that why eat soft bacon, it’s pork and riddled with tapeworms…


I don’t like bacon. I think it’s a disgusting cut of meat, too fatty and when its pan fried I can’t stand the taste. I’m told I might enjoy baked bacon, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.


This is one of the rare times that I can 100% cosign SoVi3t. I like that chewy, meaty bacon. No homo.