How do you edit a thread's topic with the new forum system?

this isnt exactly fighting game related but i figured it would fit here. I know before the forum changed you were able to just double click the topic title and be able to edit it but its not working for me anymore. i also tried to edit the opening post and that didnt work either =\

PM a mod. Only mods can do it now since Xenforo doesn’t allow it.

That said, if Wiz or any of the guys doing the coding are willing, there’s an addon for this (at least Jaxel should be aware of this since he’s in the thread).

We had the ability to edit the thread to be honest. However, cause Wiz updated the forum to fix the log-in issue. It was removed. Hopefully, this modification will be installed after EVO.

NO thanks.
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this has been one hell of an “upgrade”

2 steps forward 3 steps back smh