How do you execute a combo in fighting games?


Hello I’m Anime_Forces im new to the fighting game community and i want to get into fighting games like Street Fighter,Tekken,Soul Calibur, and Dead or Alive.

But i always want to know combos and cant execute them properly i dont know what im doing wrong but i have some questions if you can answer them

  1. Do pro players in tournaments mostly use combos or use the characters moveset more often?

  2. How can i memorize my characters moveset or combos

3.Are there any tips can anyone give me to execute combos to help me improve executing them

I hope you guys can answer them thank you

  1. Both depending of the situations.
  2. Practice mode and watch tutorials on youtube (
  3. Use buffers. (watch fighting games glossary here

After choose one or 2 fighting games that you really want to play.


Honestly, your questions are so wide-ranging it’d be better for you to check out one of the beginner’s guides to start getting yourself acquainted with the basics. SRK itself has one at