How do you execute charging moves properly?


I get so sick of E.Honda spamming that I want to see what it’s like to be cheap as fuck. However, I cannot do charge moves, back to forward or down to up. Sometimes I get it and sometimes I don’t. It’s not as simple as a shoryuken. Does anyone have any tips? Maybe my Down to Up motion is not 100% straight?

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The whole point of charge moves is that you need to charge. You need to hold down to build up charge for “up” moves like butt stomp and hold back to build charge for forward moves like headbutt. Holding down back means you charge for both at the same time. As for how long you need to hold, thats something you will only learn with practice

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I feel like I do charge. How long do you charge for? I see Honda spammers do a butt stomp as soon as they get up. They do it so consecutively, it makes me wonder how they do it?


Dunno, but no charge move takes more than one second, I believe. Most take less.

If you mean you don’t understand how they do it as a reversal (when they’re waking up), that’s also something you get a feel for with charge characters, getting the motion at the right time. If you mean how they keep doing several in a row, they’re just exercising good charge technique. As soon as they hit up with the stick and press the button they immediately push it back down and by the time their butt is on the floor they’ve got another thing charged up. It’s not magic, just practice.


Hmm makes sense. Thank you. I want to know what the superiority of E. Honda spamming feels like.


I should really let you suffer and not tell you this but Sumo Smash doesn’t break armor.


Thank god it doesnt


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