How do you express yourself?

Expressing myself is one of the things I’ve been neglecting. We all got things we got to "take care of " such as work, families, school etc, etc.

To fit in this over sensitive world I think uniqueness volume has to be turned down a great deal. I hold controversial ideas in my head that are better kept there. Specially in this conservative city I’m currently living in.

We all have to express ourselves a just shout at the top of our longs " I am. " in whatever form. To let loose, to just be.

I want to know how do you express yourself? What do you attach your face to and claim as your own?

Are you high?

I’m still learning how to express myself through martial arts if that counts

I say I’m unique to everyone by shopping at Hot Topic and wearing all black just like everyone else who is unique and wears all black.

Oh and thick framed glasses.

I use to express myself with my full capabilities.
…but now I’m living in correctional facilities.

I express myself at work with my extensive knowledge of television and film and of weird crap. In short I’m like every other youtube webcam celebrity who has over 20,000 but in real life. I’m kind of a douche, but often I’m rude and interrupt people’s conversations with something witty or just stupid just to come off as funny but sometimes I can’t just help myself. I have verbal diarrhea in that way. I’ve gotten to the point where everyone else at work can make gay jokes but I can’t because they’ll say “settle down” or “shut up that was gross.” I usually say that’s horseshit, how the fuck can they talk about stuff like that, but I can’t. Usually they reply “because for you…it’s real.” Case in point we were at work and somehow New Kids on the Block came up and we were discussing the lyrics to Step by Step. I interjected saying that “Hey guys, wouldn’t be awesome if they had an ABC’s Step by Step reunion show featuring a guest appearance by New Kids singing Step by Step. You know, that family sitcom that had Patrick Duffy from Dallas and Suzanne Sommers from Three’s Company?

Complete silence. It was broken by an awkward moment later by saying “Dude, why the fuck are you working here? Why aren’t writing the TV section of Trivial Pursuit?

Other ways I express myself. Buying unique shit that common people don’t have. I don’t mean interests that differ for people, I mean stuff that most people probably haven’t even heard of. I mean I have this fucking thing and one of these ipod cases as my ipod case. I’m not a tech whore or one who wants to be ahead of the game, but enough to garner some vain attention sometimes. I was one of the first people in my town when I was young (perhaps only) to have a minidisc player.

I express myself by just being me.

“Stop using slang for you to be cool, cuz I go back to when it was cool to be you.”

I just got that game Just Dance, has Step By Step by the New Kids on the Block…

For the most part I don’t. Nobody wants to see that.
Just bottle it up and ignore it until you can’t feel anything.
That’s the secret to happiness.

I scream at the wall for 30 minutes before school every day.


Through interpretive dancing.

I express myself through eating lots of food.

I get shit DONE. Not just say I want to do this and that. I do what I want to do, and fuckin’ do IT. That alone gives people the kinda idea about who I am. So In short, I express myself by the actions I do.

and btw, ShinAkumax I LOVE your threads. Every last one of them. They always have something to do with life and how shitty it is, lol.

Through my fists, you all have mute fists.

Like this

through my posting.

KABOOM :cool:

At bjj my nickname is “the human sherdog”.

Mostly by speaking my mind, even if I know it’ll lead to people being unhappy with what I say. i won’t lie, I actually enjoy it when they’re mad. Sometimes.