HOw do you Fake ultra



I’ve had this done to me many times and I’m trying to pick her up. How do you ultra and not do the flip kicks? I’ve searched and found nothing.


wtf someone has done this too you are you sure???


The only reason I could think of Viper not continuing to the her burning flip kicks would be that she was hit with some attack while she was hammering the ground. It’s hard to really see if that happens since there’s a big pile of dust of smoke that just covers up the whole area.

But yeah, fake ultra?!?


There is no way to fake ultra IIRC.

If she doesn’t do the flame kicks after the ground pound, she was hit or ticked by the opponent while in the dust cloud.


Idk, I want to swear I’ve had it happen multiple times and made me want to puke in my shoes. I’ll try everything I can think of and post back with what I do or don’t find


ok i have done this ONCE by mistake and never again and another friends has also done it by mistake a couple times. i dont know how i did it nor does my friend. so i tried lots of different approchs to it but maybe someone can do it.


If you could feint an Ultra I think it would of been figured out by now, at least some video on youtube. I have 0 belief than an Ultra feint exists.


99% sure it was probably just a light hit that stopped it prior to the burning flips but after the seismo hit (so the dust clouded the vision).

On a related note, this thread is solid gold.


I think we got trolled.


Sometimes you get this to happen if the opponent does a special move that flies behind you/crosses you up as you start the Ultra. Like if Ken decides to HK hurricane kick you from half way across the screen and you do your Ultra…if he flies over you as you’re starting the Ultra it’ll cause the Ultra to glitch out and Viper will simply pound the ground. Creating a bunch of smoke and what not like it normally does but you’re then free to move and won’t get punished.

So this topic ended up being a little bit (not much) more useful than you thought.


That might be it because I was so befuddled I couldn’t remember exactly what was going on


Actually that might be how that Final Round match went down between Kensou and Liston with the Ultras whiffing and all of that. When Sagat’s Ultra flew behind Viper’s Ultra as she pounded the ground it caused her to glitch out and that’s why Kensou never had the 243 frame whiff recovery on the Ultra like it normally does. Makes a lot more sense now. As soon as Kensou’s Viper pounded the ground she was in neutral position again and able to walk up to Sagat as he was flying down from the uppercut and finish him off.


No im pretty sure Kensous ultra came out to completion. Liston started his ultra when Kensou LANDED after the kicks (when shes kind of crouching down) and went over/behind her.


Ah I see. Well now I wanna try random stuff in training mode. :lol:


do the ultra and pull plug.


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I did this once


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