How do you feel about Money Matches?

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Wait, so because gambling is illegal in Japan, the Japanese don’t do MMs? Last time I checked many forms of gambling are illegal here too, including unlicensed MMs (almost all of them) and we still do it with little to no fear.

Damn, they really do follow their laws over their. I could conduct a 100$ MM in a cop’s face and he wouldn’t say a thing, he’d probably want in…If it were MVC2. lol

I’m sure cultural values play at least as big of a role in it as laws. Clearly they don’t need monetary incentives to be motivated to play (and fuckin a I am envious of that!)

Good matches are good. Bad matches are bad. Whether money is changing hands doesn’t matter to me.

Having something on the line forces players to do their best. It also creates alot more pressure that showcases which players have the better mental fortitude.

MM any game any time is fine if you want wine n dine.

Having to be forced as a player to do your best is rather silly. Thought with that attitude it’s clear to see what their motivations for playing are.

This is my personal favorite money match since I watched it live:

Dogface really makes that whole thing special. Commentary nowadays, or since then really, has not been able to compare.

Knowing that you have to win or else creates more pressure than simply wanting to win with little consequence.
It’s that extra bit of tension that makes money matches special.

Not to mention the money and the hype definitely make a difference.

I’m of the opinion that the money makes the hype more manufactured but that’s just me. I’d care more if two players were giving it their all for the sake of the game they love to play rather than because they have to pay rent.

But it lacks that element of “have to win” that adds to the difficulty of money matches. It’s all about that extra pressure. I mean, look at a money match specialist like Fanatiq, the guy excels at long MM sets because he can deal with the pressure. That ability is yet another important skill players need to learn. Heck, if you think about it, one of the reasons Japanese arcade players are so good is because they technically are playing small money matches every time at the arcade since losing costs more than winning.

My favorite MM ever wasnt even recorded :sad:
It was Amir vs Hsien Chang at EVO2K7 on 3S
Shit went down to the wire and I doubled my investment :lovin: , though I was about to have a heart attack many times :rofl: :rofl:

For me, the importance of money matches is that both players recognize it as an “official” contest where bragging rights are unquestionable. It negates excuses such as “I didn’t pick my shit”, or “I don’t play this game”, which is why players who rely on these remarks are also passionately against MMs.

Plus, it’s just damn hype.

until you actually play in one YJDK, im afraid. I used to think the same thing til I went to FR for MvC2. played a bunch of people who didnt matter in little 5/10/20 dollar MMs, did pretty well. went to play a 100 dollar ft10 MM and everyone crowded around. I froze when I realized what I was playing for and how many people were watching. I lost 10-2. and what makes it worse? I beat the guy I lost to ALL THE TIME

Now I have to redeem myself at EVO

Putting money down on a game or event is commonplace, so I have no problems with it.

There was a Mvc2 vid from like 2006 where it blue screened and cats started fighting for no reason. I never saw that vid again. Anybody know it? I don’t even know Who it was that was playing

Inb4 every mvc2 match

I don’t think MMs manufacture hype. In a lot of the hype money matches were so because there was some beef between the people. Duc vs Sanford was a grudge match with some money in between; same with Dark Prince Jr. vs Clockw0rk and Fanatiq vs Toan. Watching people settle differences in game makes money matches far more hype than the money they are playing for.

I can see that, but at the same time. We really can’t say that nowadays can we?

I mean when was the last big money match showcase? The closest thing we have to that are exhibitions. You can also say the games have something to do with it. Or even sponsors/“e-sports”. Popoffs aren’t as heated anymore. People aren’t threatening to stab you when they see you at the next major.