How do you fight against characters that you "can't hit"?


I’m kind of confused as to how you are suppose to go about attacking characters that basically have attacks that cover the entire hit box of the attacking character, making it difficult to hit them. Characters and moves are things like :

Dante - Killer Bee, The Hammer, Almost all of his normals that his in front, behind and on top of him
X-23 - Talon attack and jump d+H
Zero - Jump H
Amaterasu - Jump f+H option select
Chun Li - Lighting Legs
Akuma - Air Tatsu (The ground one I know you can push block and punish)

I’m looking for general things here especially details about how you simply go about fighting against characters and moves like these that seems to let these character attack with impunity. If it helps, my team is in my sig, but again. General things would be awesome. Thanks in advance.


Rhino Charge beats all those predictaboo moves.


Predictiboo! Twoo Easee! I rill strein my hair…witch jour brood.

In all seriousness, if you have a character with a counter than yes those moves are free. Otherwise, you can use haggar/tron or zone them out. Or use a high priority move of your own. and pushblock. etc.


Unless these attacks come out in rabid succession with no breaks in between I don’t think this is a problem. I wanna say, “Hit them when they’re not doing that,” but it sounds like a pompous ‘fighting game forum’ response. And yet, that’s all that comes to mind.

But yeah, counter moves and hypers.


Dante: Dash to the other side, punish.
X-23: Back dash, shoot her out of it, L teleport off of gun to free combo.
Zero: Zone and shoot him out of it. L followup teleport for free combo.
Amaterasu: Pushblock, learn the spacing for Wesker’s c.M
Chun Li: Zone and crossup.
Akuma: Taskmaster’s b+H beats it out 9/10 times.

Not to mention with Wesker/Taskmaster you shouldn’t be running at them, you should be going for mixups and teleport shenanigans.


Uh yeah. Good luck dashing under him or getting behind him without getting hit by his 720 radius hitboxes.


You say it like its hard. You can dash under and punish Dive kicks easy. Hell if I can do it online then it should be brainless offline. The only dive kick move I can’t regularly punish is Zero’s Sentsuizan, which for some reason has a bigger hitbox in the back than the front. As far as Dante’s normals, why are you going straight at him to begin with? That’s just asking to get your ass kicked.


I always try to push block Zero’s jump h, it gives me more time to react on his teleport crossups.


what kind of dante is just going to chuck out random dive kicks? you can punish it on block as well can you not? also im presuming the dive kick is coming from a SJ as theres no way you could dash under from a regular jump dive kick.

Akuma air tatsu : seriously just set the training dummy to repeatedly spam the move over and over until you find something. i ahd a similar prob a while back, push blocking does nothing really since you cant punish after. Moves that have a low hit box work quite well (hsien ko cr.H) or find a normal attack that has good anti air properties to hit him in his bottom foot.


Dante has the worst “dive kick” in the game probably if you’re talking about killer bee. It’s only good for combos. If you block that shit and he did it from a height you can easily throw punish or XF guard cancel punish. If you make him whiff killer bee he is GONE. The new shit is hammer. Hammer is a double sided dive kick that’s invincible for 15 frames and only has 5 frames of recovery when it grounds. The fact that people are still having trouble dealing with killer bee is funny because hammer is a nuclear explosion compared to that move. Hammer done low to the ground is mostly safe against XF guard cancels also. Against hammer if he does it high in the air you can dash in and whiff punish it but the recovery is really quick so if you screw up he gets to block. Best thing to do is just wait for him to whiff one then try to get to him before he goes for it again. Hammer has slow start up it’s just once it does start up he’s invincible and immune to air throws. Against sword normals just keep moving so you can force them to whiff. Unless the Dante player bold cancels immediately after whiffing a sword he can get hit easily. Dante’s swords seem incredible till you realize that if you whiff a sword you’re asking to die unless you have an assist covering at that point. Just keep dancing around to make the Dante player afraid to whiff a sword.

Against X23 the best thing to do is jump backwards or dash under if she does either one high in the air to make it whiff. Her whiff recovery is pretty bad on both talon dive (d+H) and L talon attack. Unless she does an instant talon dive both are punishable easily with XF guard cancel.

Zero j.H…not much you can do once it’s out. Just block it down and try to respace yourself with an advance guard. If you have XF you can guard cancel it if he’s getting predictable with it. Just try to keep moving away from him and force it to whiff if possible. Fighting Zero in general is just about landing that one hit and killing him off. You just gotta play lame as fuck because he gets the dante’s sword priority without the laggy whiffing.

Haven’t really fought too many Ammy’s but i mainly just advance guarded or XF guard cancelled predictable strings.

Chun Li is rough unless you have a character with projectiles or projectile assist. Her legs start up in 7 frames so even if you do push guard her out more kicks are inevitably coming. Just have to keep advance guarding and try to counter hit the start up of the next.

Akuma…use XF guard cancel or find a normal that can anti air it.


I’d say Trish gives me the most trouble out of this category of characters. She just superjumps, does her traps and lighting shit which makes her impossible to attack from the front.If you do try and get to her by just jumping up to her and blocking her shit, then she will come down with a divekick and you eat a blockstring. I dont see how you can land a clean hit on her at all.


I actually don’t think I can get in on a dorm without getting hit


Even then, guard cancelling his j.H is not recommended because of it’s random number of hits and the high probability that you will get blown up by the next hit.


If you have somebody with a quick activating super like Iron Man’s level 1 or Doom’s level 3 it’s worth it to get out there in a last ditch situation where you know he’s not touching the ground with the j.H yet. XF guard cancelling in general is risky outside of situations where the character literally can’t do anything else after you block whatever they’re doing in time to save themselves but against Zero if you have to you might as well take the risk because the one time Zero touches you is the last time he needs to touch you.


Who do you play? Dorm can’t afford to miss swings.


iron man , dog, akuma most recently though

It’s more me not having enough patience and running into a hole or a carpet

just can’t stand fighting him


Oh ok, because I play Dorm and I have trouble against Akuma mainly because he can beam and Tatsu through Dorm’s projectiles, his normals are better too. Dorm’s large frame and odd hitting normals means that he can’t go throwing out normals otherwise he’ll be killed. If he tries to approach you from the air you can just tatsu and you will most likely hit him out of what ever he was trying to do. But as far as getting in, look for oppourtunities to make him cautions of trying to spam his zoning tools such as beaming the hell out him if you see him lay a carpet or charge a hand. Move in when he’s looking to bait you into doing moves.


good dorm’s will try to play mind games with you the whole match, be weary of FCs or you will be eating them the entire match. Like someone said his normals aren’t as good, he pretty much has to hit them. If you can get in on him try to make it count, dorm players hate good rushdown.


Wesker doesn’t need anyone else.


Yeah the few times I had to fight a Trish it was rather annoying. It’s not like when you’re fighting against Wolvie where if you block a dive kick you can throw or go for the XF guard cancel to mess him up. Trish can cancel her dive kick so she’ll have no problem just using the dive kick’s crazy hit box to poke you and then cancel it into air fireball and zone you out. If the Trish player is just one of those typical dive kick to block string types then you can just blow them up with ground throw or XF guard cancel punishes and get her off the screen. Good Trish players always cancel their dives into fireballs unless they’re feeling really good about hitting you with one. Trish’s dive doesn’t covert to combos on air hit as easily as Wolvie’s so it’s not really in their best interest to just throw it out without cancelling.