How Do you fight against mr rog



I am having a lot of trouble with playing against Balrog People. People love to sit in the corner and wait for you to do anything then rush you. I can’t figure out how to get around Balrog players like that. Then you get the crazy good Balrog players who don’t give you a moments rest to even guard. How do you break out of those pressure situation’s and attempt a counter.


Things you need to learn:

  1. Block overheads high on reaction.
  2. Stuff safely spaced dash punches on reaction.
  3. Focus bait his sweeps and hard pokes when you notice him walking forward.
  4. How to post more complete information when asking a question… Such as which character you’re using.


Are you playing as rog too? If so you can pretty much punish almost any blocked ©b,f+p with the same.

Of course if you’re playin pretty much anything else crouching mid kicks seem to work well, and guiles b+hp is great for punishing wiffs.

We can give you better advice if you can give us better examples of what’s your most difficult situations.