How do you fight against this online?


So a buddy of mine recent got 3SOE for PS3 and we played a few matches online. It’s said that to be good at this game you have to be random, and boy was he random lol. Even though we each won about half of the sets we played, I feel I lost due to some Shanigans that I didn’t know how to block.

He played Chun-Li 90% of the time and his primary way to attack was just axe flipping, Down+Roundhouse, and that attack where she jumps on the other side and kicks you (how do you block that attack?). Chun’s moves already have really good priority and when I lost I kept getting trapped in a loop of him doing “down HK, flip” and it does a lot of damage. Tried parrying the axe thing, but the timing is tricky online.

I could have won a lot more since he tries to play her as a charge character in this game and I began to lost when I approached and didn’t know how to deal with her high priority moves. He’ll just camp in the corner, hold down-back, and wait for you to push buttons to either mash out that d+hk OR accidentally get the flip and the I get hit and trapped in something I never encountered and therefore don’t know how to get out of. If I just do down-back like him all day and space him with moves, I can win, but I get no satisfaction just standing at the edge of the screen just waiting for the time to run out since winning/playing that way is so lame and defeats the purpose of playing casuals for fun imo.

It’s most likely one of those things that’s so easy to beat that I just don’t know. I SHOULD have saved a video of it, but I wasn’t thinking and exited out of the game when we finished.


I had the most success against him with Oro, Ken and Remy


You should random his shanigans next time.


The jump over you and hit you behind the head kick can only be blocked opposite the side he’s going to be kicking. So if he does it in front of you, he will end up behind you and kick then.The best way to beat it is to tap forward or back, you decide if you want to try and parry or block, as he’s falling to about a “foot” above your head. Then follow up with any kind of attack. I would recommend grab because if you parry it she will land right into your grab as her descent speed is greater since she is much higher than her regular jump. Another reason I recommend grab is that if she does the flip from too far ahead of you, she will land in front of you and almost instantly recover. It’s also good to know that if she does happen to flip in front of you, she can’t hit you from behind like in the old street fighter games and you will be free to hit her with anything as she lands.
If you block her flip kick and press grab nothing happens.The same is true (nothing happening) with most attacks after block except for some special attacks because they take longer to input and so you might the input after your block stun.

As for the axe kick, crouching roundhouse, you can just block it low or walk up to her and when you think she is going to do it tap down or forward. The timing isn’t tricky at all, it’s just a matter of figuring the game’s pace as opposed to your own. There is an ideal pace for the game. Having said that you can go slower or go faster than the ideal pace but if you do so, you run the risk of being beat by that ideal timing. That axe kick really shouldn’t be giving you any kind of trouble. It’s only good from far away so long as you, the defender, aren’t standing still.

Hope that helps.

edit: If for any reason he is airborne, do NOT block low. Any airborne attack will break your block if you block low. You must block high in order to defend against air attacks. There is always parry, but I’m sure you’re more concerned with blocking at this point.


I’m assuming you have to block high if you wanna block the jump over attack since I guess that counts as an “air attack”. Also, do you have any tips for if a Chun player mashes out the down roundhouse at close range? Anything I can do to disrupt that so I can start going on the offensive?


walk up and when you’re in range, tap down for parry. then just block low. wait for him to roundhouse then after you block it, dash and go back to blocking low or throw, or whatever you think. probably if you just move up a bit and block he will do something else with slow long recovery or something. after which you should be close enough to do some kind of damaging punish.


There is what he said and there is also the option of using your light kicks to poke him out of his axe kick. It’s even more useful to use the light kick if you tap down let the stick go and press light kick all in a real quick succession. When I say let the stick go, I really just mean let it get back to the middle. Make sure not to lift your hand up because then you set yourself up for all kidns of mistakes if you miss time your poke. Remember, none of these tips will work 100% of the time. The game isn’t designed that way. If for some reason he catches on to you poking him out of his axe kick he may choose to use one of his quicker attacks which might complicate the situation a bit more for you.

If you have any more questions, shoot.


You could probably have won by just randoming him out.


Thanks for the advice everyone. I’ll try these out next time we play.


Everyone’s advice payed off! I went 15-2 against him, mostly thanks to you guys’ advice and thanks to him doing the same thing over and over. Once I stopped getting hit by his down+roundhouse and poking him out of the axe kick he didn’t know what to do. Thanks a lot everyone.

On another note, does anyone know any thing Ken can do to grab opponents who crouch often? Do any of his normals cancel into throws?


You should still be able to grab them if they crouch, I think. It’s certain crouches that can go under grabs, at least that’s what I’ve been told but in my experience it’s usually just at the beginning of their crouch that you can’t grab them. So if they crouch often try crouching and then grabbing. That will let you parry if they crouch and attack and then let you grab. Just don’t get stuck on doing that too much because then they can just use a standing attack. The problem might also be that you are just grabbing from too far away.

And no, none of his normals cancel into throws outside of using the normal as a kara-grab. The benefits of a kara-grab over a regular grab is really just range. Which also allows you to be less predictable. So I guess you could say it makes you more unpredictable by allowing you to grab from further away.

A kara-grab is when you cancel the beginning frames of your attack into a grab. So, like, say you were using low mk and kara cancelling that into a grab you would be “cancelling” the low mk right before he actually sticks his leg out. It’s considered a glitch by most new players but I don’t see it that way. I see it as more of a distinction of technique for intermiediate level players. Noobies should only try the regular grab. Intermediate players should use a combination of regular grab and kara grab. And High level players will use a combination of regular grab, kara-grab and SGGK.

Another good tool to use against crouchers is UOH. That is hopping attack when you press both of the medium attacks or mp+mk. Just be careful when you use it. If you time it too early you can whiff and that makes it easy for trigger happy and intermediate players to punish you. If you time it too late, you are stuck in recovery long enough for them to grab you, or punish you with any normal attack. A well timed UOH is always an awesome tool to have.


Press this when they crouch often :mp:+:mk: You cancel a normal to do a kara throw, thus extending the regular range. If you want low throws, play VF :wink: Chun-Li you can attack from the air a lot more easily than some of the others. Being good at 3s isn’t about being random: it’s about yomi, and no lag.