How do you fight vs cable/AAA as sent



how do you fight vs cable/AAA as sent

okay i think i can fight cable decently when he doesn’t have an AAA. but what do i do when he does have one, esp commando?

what is my strategy? how do i get close? it seems i can’t use a lot of sentinel’s tools, ie HSF, laser, rocket punch, or drones, as they are all mad punishable. what are safe chipping strings? THANKS!


I asked about this a month ago:bluu: … noone knows, they just accept that sent>cable:rolleyes:


Use Sent/Doom aa or Sent/Tron proj Doom with beat Capcom 85% of the time and Tron 100%. However if your playing a smart Cable/Capcom aa they will counter assits but what i suggest is that u side switch once u call Doom or Tron. And u can fly (in unfly mode if u have it) since Dooms rocks sometimes counters the AHVB. But play safe, sometimes use assist to bait out the AHVB but sj as soon and u call assist so u can get over it and if he calls Capcom and AHVB block Capcoms aa then fly to other side. I use
Sent, Cable aa, Doom aa
hope this helps good luck. . .


I know a lot of people (and myself) who use the light and medium punches of Sentinel when flying at close range to cable. Can you guess why? Well if not, just because a pair of air Sentinel punches when Cable is blockin, is a great way to make a grab and when Cable is fallen… I think you know what to do after, really?

Glad to help (If I really did)