How Do you find you playing style?


I’m having trouble with choosing the character i want to play cause of this.


It goes the opposite way. Try out all the characters until you find one you really like, and learn to play that character really well. Now you have a main. Congrats.

Your “style” will naturally evolve over time as you develop as a player and a user of your particular character, and eventually characters.


well, you play ryu and ibuki

what do you like and dislike about them, and why?

i used to main ryu and one thing i didnt like about him is that he wasnt fast enough in vanilla, and that eventually led me to chun who is very fast


I was playing deejay because he was just cool. But i got thrown allot. Thijs was because better players throw me allot. Now im playing Rose hecause she is.
A zoning caracter. Because of her fast walking and dashing i’m better at zoning then ore. She’s pretty allround. Except for missing a reversal without
Ex bar.


What is this, I see it all over on this forum but don’t know what it means. Please note that I have also checked the glossary, its not in there either.



the original start of a series SFIV. could be used for other games cause we know capcom like making ‘expansions’ CE, Hyper, Turbo, AE, etc. so the first would be called vanilla.


“Insert game name here”… If that game has a bunch of offsprings (but not a sequel)

“Insert same name here” Red Edition, “Insert same name here” Gold Edition, “Insert same name here” Remix, etc… then the first one (meaning the game without the extra title add-on) would be referred to as vanilla…

In this case, Street Fighter IV is like Vanilla ice cream, Super Street Fighter IV could be something like Strawberry Vanilla ice cream, and possibly Super Street Fighter IV Turbo being Chocolate-dipped Strawberry Ice Cream… Get the analogy?

Now I’m getting hungry.


By Playing The Game


SSF4AE is more like Vanilla Strawberry ice cream with chocolate chips on the top.


by playing the game/observing others(who use characters you don’t, but like their moves/style).


Thanks guys who explained the theory, someone should add it to the glossary tho. I read all the stickies before i started here and there nothing mentioning it.