How do you flicker cancel?





There are two ways to enter flicker state.

One is by holding the back direction at the end of ducking body. If you try to follow up ducking body regularly with a normal, it won’t combo. If you hold back to enter flicker state, then press down to exit flicker state… it saves you enough frames overall to land a combo normal. Easiest if you do it with a crouching move, since you’ll be pressing down to cancel flicker.

Example: Ducking body -> ducking hook -> hold back during ducking hook to enter flicker state… then press down-back and fierce with proper timing and you can combo it with the ducking hook.

Two uses the default way of going into flicker stance. Pressing back and all three kicks. Entering the Flicker state counts as a special move. Therefore any normals that can be special cancelled can be cancelled into flicker stance OR peekaboo stance. Crouching Fierce is a good example of when to use this because it naturally has a long recovery animation and causes a lot of hit stun.

Practice for starters by comboing Crouch Fierce into Flicker stance and then do a flicker punch. It will combo if you’re doing it right.

Like the first example, you can enter flicker state and then press down to cancel out of it. Doing this will still be shorter than the length of Crouch Fierce’s recovery frames.

Practice this by doing “Crouch Fierce xx Flicker Stance” and then holding down or pressing crouch medium punch with proper timing (the timing being once the flicker recovery is over). This will combo if you do it right.


awesome! will try this out once i have lab time


So from what I can gather is we hold back after ducking body ( then do Ducking hook. then after the hook press down and Cr.FP. But what is the timing on the cr.FP? Cos I am having sooo much difficulty timing it.


hmm, i didn’t even think it was possible to connect cr.fp after>lp


It’s one of the more difficult links. But, once you get used to the timing, it’s not too bad. Just hold down-back the whole time after the ducking hook… and try plinking if you need to.


how many frames is the link anyways?


The guide, you get +5 after ducking hook. Canceling Flicker Stance is just a Frame. That gives you 4 Frames to do C :hp: If you counter hit somebody during Ducking hook you get +25 Frames and don’t need to flicker cancel allowing you to walk up and C :hp: After the C :hp: it’s good to follow up with foxhunt and start a variation of combos.


I have to flicker cancel jab to get used to the timing, and even then I’ll only land the cr. hp once or twice. Hard ass link, I can’t even seem to manage cr. mp effectively. Alot of the times I’ll do it to early and one of the flick stance punches will come out :confused: not very safe to plink.


whats the exact info on your frames after flicker canceling when opponent blocks? + or - on block?<br><br>