How do you follow the replays of people when

You can’t see their profile? Basically, I want to follow the replays of some players that are not going to be in any games with me or easily found in the rankings. But to follow someone, you have to select them, and press start, but this option only appears in certain situations, but I cannot find these players in any of these situations (as far as I can tell).

Add them to your friends list, then choose friends then press start - follow

I don’t think I will be able to add them to my list (they wouldn’t accept; think Japanese players). That’s the problem I am facing. So can you follow them if you can’t friend them?

if there the best at a character just search by bp, or just look for there name in there characters bp section.

I doubt who ever your looking for has little bp so they should be near the top.

It doesn’t matter if they accept or not (Xbox) so you can choose friends even if they are pending.

EDIT- Which top Japanese player did you want to watch?

I was just giving it as an example. Actually, they are just random people in locals across the US that I’d like to follow. They don’t know me, I don’t know them, and they aren’t “famous,” although they perform well in their areas.