How do you get away from El Fuertes body flop move when getting up?

I don’t exactly know the move is call but el fuerte keeps doing this body flop move when i get up. I can’t stop it in any way. Can anyone help?

I play cody btw and it is hard to get away from it

Dash forward works really well if it’s a crossup or a well placed tortilla

Dash Forward is a good one, or EX Zonk Knuckle for the Upper Body Invulnerability.

best thing to do is backdash ultra 2 he will think twice about doing it, you can also dash back and ex zonk

ight cool

The move doesn’t have armor breaking properties, so you can absorb the hit with a focus attack and hit him. However, this won’t protect you from guatcamole, so it’s best you dash to avoid both of these.