How do you get better at UMvC3?


'ello everyone! I have a serious problem; I really, really love the Marvel vs Capcom series, but other people are so damn at them, and I am not (that good). I mean, I can play with my friends and do decently without much of a problem but, for lack of better terms, they’re noobs so it doesn’t really count. And I consider myself a noob, so if I’m calling them that, then its no joke.

Basically what I’m coming to you guys is to ask what you (personally) do to get better at fighting games, more specifically, UMvC3? Something besides play a lot. I already play a lot and still get smoked online. What skill do I have be specifically fine-tuning to get better? Which aspect of the game should I be paying attention to the most to improve? Things like that.

Hopefully this could help other people in my shoes who love these game and want to get better but just don’t know how.


My bets on oblivion.


find a team read and watch stuff practice combos understand defense learn matchups get experience play lots have fun

no dude i’m serious


find a team: don’t be afraid to shop around and see what the game’s various characters can do, and find ones that suit your playstyle and/or compliment each other well. do experiment. remember that you can always change your team in the future. there is nothing you can learn about the game that will not continue to help you even if you switch teams. you can change teams as often as you’d like but just make sure that you’ve mentally picked any team you want to get better at playing.

read and watch stuff: character subforums, the SRK wiki, YouTube, the other good fighiting game sites, whatever. anything, everything. if you didn’t know it before then it was worth your time.

practice combos: make sure that you can consistently and reliably “cash in” on all of the damage you deserve when you earn that one little opportunity (or get lucky that one time). do your best to figure out how you will be most likely to land these combos on a clever opponent.

understand defense: make sure u can block good. THIS IS MUCH MORE DIFFICULT THAN IT SOUNDS. try to know as well as you can what your opponent’s offensive options are, and how he will be trying to hurt you (or how he will be trying to run away from you.)

learn matchups: as you play against other people, take special note of how your best options and their characters’ best/preferred options interact with one another. discover when and why you are at an advantage, and when and why you are at a disadvantage. make a concerted effort to remember these things, and to keep them in mind as you make decisions in future matches that you play.

get experience: the more people you play, the more practice you’ll get, the more playstyles and mindsets you’ll see, the more problems you’ll get to attempt to solve, the better you’ll get at recognizing situations and reading people, and the more you’ll get to exercise allll of the other things i’ve already mentioned.

play lots: the more you play, the more quickly you will gain “experience”, as described above.

have fun: have fun!

i hope this helps you. i had a free moment and my fingers were cold.


thanks dude. i’m about to jump on right now and do those things. i didn’t really expect a reply, let alone a very concise one, so this greatly appreciated. thank you and may your sails be full of wind, and your failure beneath Doom.


This is an old forum but my suggestions would be to do the trails and learn those combos. . . than to take them into training mode and figure out extensions to the combos and make them your own. . . (OTG’s,DHC’s,Crossups) just figure out what works with your play style.Or look up combos online, practice them in training mode until you can execute them practically every time.
Another thing is build a team you are comfortable with. Something to consider would be building a team: A strong team is a balanced team, or teams that have synergy. For starters i would build a team with an assist, an on point character and a character with OTG or cross up potential.
Captain America and Sentinal. Using Cap’s (S) and another button together does a roll towards the opponent, using this with sentinals drone asisst will likely cause a less experienced player to get confused as to which way to block allowing a free combo for you. Cap’s Light shield slash will also cause an OTG allowing you to pick your opponent up and continue your combo.
Basically i would just choose a team you like to play, also playing online and watching your opponents combos is a good way to learn combo potential for characters.
You can always reset your online records so just play until you succeed :slight_smile:


id say training mode , the basic thing u have to be able to do are optimized combos , from there its pretty much just decisions and smart play that are gonna make you win or not. Another thing is knowing optimized combos are good but the best thing would be to learn hitconfirms from all situations(from grab , from a hit in the air ,etc). Good luck!


Well you also want practice against another player.
Just because you can do the combos in training mode doesn’t mean you can get in and do them against an online player.


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