How do you get better?

ive seen the zoning video and seen the wake and knockdown video and i play on GGPO on the regular and people on there say that 3s is comepletely offensive or i play too defensive (i forget) but im not sure how to get better but i dont really feel myself learning or getting any better so what can i do about that?

the only thing is to practice, practice, practice…against opponents and training mode. You will get better, how much time it takes and how quickly you advance is strictly person to person.

and watch videos of the pros playing and any others that interest you. also on here you can check each character specific thread for the characters you want to play with, so check there as well.

try to get a teacher on ggpo, and try to make sure they know what they are talking about.

how would i know if they know what they talking bout?

if they answer your questions with specifics, or if you ask something like “what can i do to improve my game” the better players will answer you with specific parts of your game that need work or at least you can ask them to

lol I was just gonna say ask Nica KO

You can look at either of the guides-one of which is download link for the prima guide that I have posted in this sub forum and find the appropriate information that you need in there. There are also char. specific guides in every character’s section. You may also get information from the wiki and Street Fighter Strategy Guides, News, Videos, Combos and Tips : In addition it helps to have a training mode to practice this in, so I suggest you get a copy of Street Fighter Anniversary Collection for either Ps2 or Xbox, or emulate that game’s iso, if that is what you are into. Other than that, you need experience-and that is what ggpo is for, since the USA arcade scene isn’t all that great outside of California or NYC. You can check out the domination 101 section and sonic hurricane’s strategy articles, as well as the various guides on youtube.

thnx yall,

i played nica a couple times but never really asked how i could make my game better
and tnb im bout to get the prima guide now