How do you get in close with Kyo?

Is Kyo a rushdown character? I don’t use him often, but maybe my problem is that I usually prefer C-Groove, since it’s the most sCrubby groove.

He’s got some of the most awesome combos I’ve seen in the game, but if I can manage to land them more often, and perhaps more easily, that would help my offense (capitalize on players’ mistakes to the utmost).

I guess I need a groove with Run, or is rushdown not that important with Kyo?

He isnt really about rushdown, he is about mixups, and wakeups.
But for those, you have to be close.
You can try rolling, or let them come to you, and DP that shit to start the games up.

'cool: thanks. I don’t use/practice rushdown anyway, so that’s good to hear, and a good Kyo player I played would just parry to get in closer, but he wouldn’t go after me that much. 'too bad his overhead kick (toward + forward kick) is so slow, cos I like the high-low ground game.

kyo tricks

try his qcf and hp. qcb hp the block stun allows for some mind games. uppercut, roll,trow, more pokes for guard damage. but be careful with it i doesn’t give you a complete advantage. try messing around with the timing of the qcbhp oh yea here is a little cheap trick against small characters jab short ducking fp qcf lp 2xqcb lp

It’s all about the knockdown.