How do you get more damage from tag combos instead of finishing the combo with Ryu?

So far playing this game ive adjusted my timings to get ryus combos down, but as far as ive seen there isnt really any moves that ryu can tag a character in on and extend as combo when the meter could be better saved for specials or ryu himself can just continue it into a special.

My tag character is juri.

Dude, EX Dp with Ryu is The Truth.

Not only does it do silly damage but it locks the opponent in place grounded for like 2 whole seconds.

Tag cancelling after EX Dp lets you push the opponent out the DP with your tag partner and start a** full ground combo.**

And you can still get a full juggle off of HP DP.

thatas it, just take care to start pushing the opponent away from ryu only after the second hit because its the most damaging one of the move.

This is why I put Ryu on anchor. He spends more meter tagging someone in than other characters that do a non-ex special and tag cancel.

i was came here to ask the very same question. If he is the second character in the combo there is not alot of options. im playing with Law and Ryu at the mo. its a shame he doesnt have a non EX way to continue the combo. the EX DP does decent damage so its not really worth spending another bar on tagging someone in the finish the combo unless you know u can take them out.

but laws LP fury fist rush > tag in > free charge ultra with ryu is fun!

cant you just tag cancel normal srk. i do it all the time to finish the combo with hugo.

Ryu’s shinsho followed by Zangief’s P lariat does 570 anywhere in the screen, lol… Now I know what I will mash from now on.

When I’m playing for fun and have 3 bars I like to do ogre’s j.hp, cl.hp xx blazing kick xx tag cancel Ryu c.hp xx hp.shoryu xx tag cancel to ogre, c,mk xx blazing kick xx tag cancel Ryu c.hp xx hp.shoryu. Does nearly 600 damage but it’s terribly inefficient. If you land a shoryu tag cancel the world is your play thing especially if you land a deep j.hp/hk into SPS xx shoryu tag cancel…mmmm now thats a 450 damage combo easy for 1 meter. You have to hit the j.hp deep though otherwise SPS doesn’t combo and just go with the classic c.hp instead.

Go into training mode with your second character and just repeatedly do shoryu tag standing/crouching everything you can think of and you’re bound to find gold.


a simple j.MK into his 2 hit sHK will allow enough time for your partner to run in and get a full combo.

This is the truth, respect that SF2 damage lol. But surprisingly people still jump at Ryu with 2 bars :confused: