How do you get permisson to host an event?


Perhaps this is a bit advanced for a beginners’ forum, but I don’t know how to do it.

In short, I have a venue, and the manager is very enthusiastic. We want to do a UMVC3 tourney, with pokemon and maybe Sm4sh, eventually, and raise some money for charity, give out cash prizes, do raffles, etc. But I need to get a liscence from the creators to hold an event, and I just don’t know how.

Any tips?


I don’t know about Pokemon and Smash, but I’m pretty sure no one’s going to stop you if you hold a UMvC3 tourney.


Why would you need a license?


No don’t need the creators for any of that. Them adding it would be ‘sponsoring’ your event. Playing a game isn’t like streaming a movie as a 3rd party. As long as you have a venue you are set, but might need to promote it within your local community to get some turnout.



Nothing needed except the games and the gamers. With Nintendo stuff you have previously needed their permission to stream or post the game content on Youtube. But all they would do if you don’t have their permission is ask you to take it down.

However with the new move towards being more involved with the E-Sport situation they haven’t been doing that much lately.

Just host the thing and have fun.


Well, it’s a bit complex, but in short, my potential venue is called Webster West Side Flea Market (one of the largest flea markets in florida), and the owner is a lawer. She looks at things from a legal perspective, and wants to be certain that she can’t be sued for it. I’ve been digging around, and read on a thread on Capcom Unity that you need a liscence, or Capcom may send a cease and desist. It was old, though, so that thread probably isn’t too releant, but I’d hate to be wrong. (That’s one reason for the charity - she says that if a tournament qualifies as gambling, we’d need to give to a charity to avoid being sued, or something like that. But I really like the idea, so I think I’d do it either way!)

Well, that’s good to hear! I guess the best way to do see wold be to just post some games on a fresh channel, and see what happens!

While I have all of your attention, though, What sounds like a good price for admission? I’ve decided that 30% goes to the prize, 20% to the charity, and the other 50% is going to go to rent and a small salary for my fellow organizers, but have yet to decide what sounds like an appropriate price. I’m slightly ashamed to say that I’ve never actually hosted/gone to a live event (CEO never lines up with my schedule), so I’m no professional. I’d like to turn this into a legitimate locals venue, and grow it from there! (Plus, it’s a really neat market)


Most locals separate entry into two parts. Tournament entry & venue. Venue pays for use of the venue, whether it’s X% or $X, that’s between you and whoever is in charge of the venue you’re holding the tournament at. Frequently the excess goes to improving the quality of the tournament somehow, whether that’s more setups, stream equipment, or fundraising for a pot bonus for a larger event. So long as you’re up front with where the money is going I don’t think most people would mind the excess venue going to bills or charity. Tournament entry traditionally goes 100% to the prize pool. So if you have 10 people all paying 5 dollars to enter, 50 dollars gets distributed among the top placing players.


Just contact Capcom and Nintendo and see what they say if it’s really a concern. I already know Capcom is not gonna care. Nintendo is really obnoxious these days, so who knows what they will say.


Oh, that’s good to know! Thanks for that tibit! Now that I’m looking at the tournaments forum here, I see what you mean. Pretty straightforward! I’ll be certain everything is upfront, for sure.


Find a different venue. In Michigan I throw a weekly in Southfield (mile north of Detroit) Started a Weekly in East Lansing, a weekly in Lapeer Michigan, do Monthlies in Southfeild and Sterling Heights, and a Yearly in Sterling heights and the only thing I pay is for the space (I either pay a flat rental rate for the space or I split my venue fee with the venue owner)