How do you get rid of programs that flash up on ur PC saying you need anti-virus?

on the my toolbar at the bottom right, flashes a yellow triangle and a red circle with a line through it.

I have anti nortons but ti does seem to do the trick.

It says my PC is running slow or it has spyware and click on these links and buy programs to stop them

flash it back

well if you do have spyware you should dl some programs like Adaware and Spybot and do a system scan. If it’s just annoying pop ups on sites I’d recommend firefox and the no script plug-in. No script makes it so that a site can’t use javascript without asking your permission, it really cuts down on stuff like that and sites from installing trojans on your comp. Also don’t click on those links, there are a lot of “spyware removal” programs that will tell you that you have adware on your comp when you really don’t just so they can get you to dl their stuff.

i have it also at the moment, and i need help on this also.

i also have norton, but this spyware/malware/whatever shit is bothering me.

ok this is gonna sound embarrassing but firefox is a program that I D/L but is script a program as well ?

I also have this big bubble box pop up and when I press X, it will come back very shortly.

If you get rid of it, tell me how to get rid of it and visa versa for me

Dont use norton!!!

for anti virus use Zonealarm pro, or Nod32

for spyware use Xoft Spy.

and registry mechanic (google it)
its the same company that makes spyware doctor

There are all kinds of spyware procedure that require a special method to remove them. If you can post a pic of the screen with the bubble on the screen or a hijack this log I can tell you how to fix it.

i just ignore it.

ok Here they are and I hope you can help me

That’s a new one for me, I’ve never seen one that pops up with performance percentages. If you can run Hijack This and send me or post up the log it will be a huge help. hijackthis you can just download the program and run it. It will give you a log that lists basically every program and process on the computer. From looking at that I can tell exactly what’s on there and how to fix it.

a few more pics

so just d/l that program of urs and it and I will know what to do or forward you on the results so you can tell me what to do

Actually with those new pictures I have everything I need. I will research that program and get back with you the best way to remove it. Like I said, a lot of programs are just pains and don’t always get picked up by basic spyware scans.

thanks dude, I wil just hang tight till you get back to me, thanks


There’s a popping sound evertime every time the toolbar comes with a bubble speech

I find using an OS that can’t get viruses and malware to be a better solution than constantly patching an insecure and inferior alternative.

I find not installing random things, learning how to use the computer, and having proper software/hardware makes any OS just as good as any other. (If not better due to overall compatibility…) :slight_smile:

But yes, ubuntu is good also.

Everyone out there should try at least one flavor a unix/linux OS at some point in their computer usages.