How do you get someone to appreciate a stick?

My brother and I have been playing Street Fighter together forever. From SF2 on the SNES, to SFA3 on the PS, to SF III on the Dreamcast. We’ve always played on the pad and have had relatively equal skill.

Anticipating SF IV’s release, i wanted to step up my game so I finally took the plunge and bought an arcade stick around the release of Soul Calibur 4. It took a while, but now I’m pretty proficient with it. I know all the pros use sticks and I realize that a pad limits your potential (can’t press buttons as quickly and stuff like that). As a result of switching to a stick, I am now a couple skill levels above my brother. I beat him nearly every time.

The problem is, whenever he and his group of gamer friends come over to play and I try to get them to use my arcade stick, they groan and refer to it as the “crappy controller”. Which pisses me off to no end.

It usually goes something like this:
*Them- *"Ugh… I have to use that crappy thing?"
Me- "It’s better. Why don’t you guys get it?"
Them- “It’s not better, the analogue stick is so much easier. And the shoulder buttons work much better than hitting 3 buttons for ultras.”
*Me- *"Not if you practice more with the stick. Come on, anyone who wins high level tournaments uses a stick. That just proves it is the best way. Don’t you want to get better so you can beat me?"
Them- “Who cares? You’re a loser. You play this game too much.” (Excuse for them losing.)

It seems hopeless but I know if they used it more, to the point where it started to help them win, then they would come to love it too. Should I let them win when they use it?

But even if they never use it, I hope I can just get them to appreciate it enough to not refer to it as “the crappy controller” because that angers me.

Anyone here have experience weening their friends off of the pad?

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No serious,
I build my own sanwa-fitted stick, and I thought I would smoke everyone right away, only to find out I was better on a D-pad. It took me several days and drills to get at same level on the stick as with the pad.
So, your friends correctly announces the problem: They don’t have the practice time you do. And, if they say you’re a loser, then you should get better playing with the stick and start beating them. Then they might jump your wagon.

I am better than them now, thanks to the stick. I beat my brother and his friends consistently. (I should have mentioned that originally as it may be a key issue, so I’ve edited it into the first post.)

Perhaps they are just sore losers and I should let them win when they use the stick so they’ll give it more of a chance?

The stick is better for you and what you want out of the game, but that doesn’t mean it’s better for them. Some people just don’t want to use sticks.


If you get angered for them calling it a crappy controller maybee you do have some issues.

Its a controller who cares if they dont appreciate it, you like it thats all that should matter.

Just sounds like you need some friends of your own, i mean all i heard was my brother and his friends not my brother and our friends.

There is more issues pertaining to you then the whole being angered about commets toward an inanimate object.

It takes a while to get use to a stick if you are a d-pad user. But I have to say that the stick gives you more freedom.

Don’t do anything but laugh at thier ignorance really.

Is really nothing but them showing they’re bad losers, and probably wish they were as good as you. Its kinda the same with my friends but theyre just shit overall and im just better cause i play it more, their excuses are lame too “Hes using all those special moves! Its lame!” i do nothing but just laugh it off and proceed to kick their ass some more.

Just be happy that your really good with a stick, and take confidence in that, laugh at them calling it a bad controller, instead of being frustrated and angered, just see the comedy in it, thats what i do :slight_smile:

Its a tool, let them use what they want. For now, just keep perfecting them. They’ll either quit altogether playing with you or give in lol.

Well he’s still young, just turned college/university age. All his friends live around here. I’m older so my friends and I have all moved away to different corners of the country/world. I kinda borrow his friends for fighting game competition since there’s no Street Fighter scene here and I can’t meet anyone with that common interest.

Well, I’d rather them not quit. Then I’d have no one to play with.

Does anyone think I should let them win a little when they use the stick to encourage them to use it more?

If I could give you rep you’d get some neg.

They never said it made them angry, it seems as if they want more of a challenge, and they think that the people they play against would do much better with a stick.

You also need to lay off, I’m sure this person has friends of their own.

Note; I say ‘they’ because I’m not sure whether you’re a girl or not. =/

Yeah I guess. But I don’t really like to discourage them too much. I miss the days of playing with my brother and us having really tight matches. I’ve stepped up my game and I’m trying to get him to do the same. However, I think he sees how much better I am and he’s discouraged.

I’m a guy. I just like Karin. :lovin:

And yes, I do have my own friends. Most of them have moved away because this place sucks, but the ones I have that still live here don’t play fighting games.

I’m still wondering if anyone thinks I should let them win when they use the stick. Anyone have thoughts on that? I know it’s usually bad because you only get better if you lose… but I’m just trying to get them to not be discouraged about a new way of playing the game, so it’s not really the usual situation.

Edit Crap, double post. Should have edited this into my last one. Sorry.

each to their own tbh, some people just aren’t comfortable with sticks and cant adapt period. Shame really :frowning:

Trust me i know what you mean, me and my brother used to do the same, but he just lost interest in being as hardcore as me really.

Guess you just have to accept it, im trying all i can to get my friends to play SF4 with me but it never goes further than me beating them up 2-3 times and them just calling me lame.

That’s why I’m wondering if it’s alright to let them win in order to keep their interest. Then I could gradually and subtly step up the game and hopefully they will step up along with it.

I’d love it if people could stop neg. repping me for asking a serious question. I’ve got a problem that I want help with. Who else am I going to turn to besides the experts, people who may have gone through the same thing?

There is nothing you can do. You can try and tell them the advantages of sticks, but also include the fact it takes a little time to get used to it.

All my friends have been converted to stick. Some it was easy some it was harder. It really helped that when we all were playing fighting games you rarly saw a pad being used besides the newbies.

Yeah, that would be a help. Problem is, everyone here is a pad user because there hasn’t been an arcade in the city for more than ten years. Last fighting game I played on an honest to goodness arcade cabinet was SF III: New Warriors.

The weird thing is, my brother makes fun of me for insisting on the stick, looking up combos and watching videos. Yet he had been anticipating SF IV for much longer than me. He was SUPER excited since the day it was announced while I was skeptical. Now that we have it, he’s losing interest and I’m getting deeper into it.

Make them play ryu or zangheif for like 4 houres straight. Then when they are crying from the pain from the new blister on their thumb tell them it wouldent happen if they were using the crappy controller. There are some really good pad players out there. The stick is more common for a couple reasons. 1. These are arcade games & arcades have sticks. 2 the moves are designed to be done on a stick.3 you don’t get burnt out as fast when on a stick, it’s easier on your hands. To someone who isn’t used to a stick it’s a hurdle. Just like if I were to play on a pad it would make things difficult for me.

I wouldn’t worry about that too much, it’s just a few Premium Members who abuse their paid privileges by being dicks.

This is probably something you should’ve asked in tech talk…maybe that’s why you are getting negged.

I tend to let my firends use what they want.
Like in FPS PC games, most of my friends use WASD…and have tried to force me to use it because it’s the “standard”.

Fuck that, I use mouse for movement, and can still hold my own against them.

Let them discover on their own what’s better for them. If they think sticks are crappy…oh well. Why should it bother you and your performance?