How do you get SSF4 on Steam?


Basically, I bought AE when it was on amazon (not steam), and right now there is the costume pack that i really wanted for the longest time on sale for 7.50. However, since I didn’t get the game on steam, I don’t think I can buy the DLC pack and have it work… is there anyway to transfer the game onto steam, or at least get the costume pack for half off and have it work on my game?

I’ve already tried putting my game on steam via custom game, but it’s not actually registered as a steam game… i’ve also tried just directly putting the code i got from the game directly into amazon, but it didn’t take it


You cannot turn a non-steam copy of SF4 into a steam-copy of SF4. You cannot use the non-steam DLC on the steam version. Welcome to the wonders of DRM. If you want the game on steam you will have to launch it as a non-steam game or re-buy the game. Same goes for the DLC, either you pay for the DLC again or you’re faced with having to unlock it yourself - which is a no-no as far as the EULA is concerned.