How do you go about lubing joysticks?

And can I get away without having to pay $30+ for the stuff on

This whole thread would sound incredibly dirty to someone who had no idea I was talking about arcade equipment :looney:

Chap Stick. Also when should you lube them up? And what do you lube up?

If you’re experienced/ capable enough to dismantle an entire joystick and reassemble it again; then you should able to decipher what parts need lubricating…

Silicone Grease works well and can be easily applied to areas with high friction/ moving parts… Should be able to find it easily via Google…

I can sell you some of mine for 10 bucks. I bought the 30 dollar stuff and I’ll probably never even use all of it. I can put it in a vial or something and give you some that way you don’t spend $35 like I did. :sweat:

That’s nice and helpful :arazz:

Basically my Sanwa Flash ASCII clone feels like it is slightly grating against something, like before I even hit the gate. I recently replaced the stock spring with a JLF spring, but I think when I opened it whatever remaining lube it had on there evaporated (it saw heavy use before I got it).

No need to thank me! :stuck_out_tongue:

Didn’t know whether you had a Suzo Inductive, Seimitsu LS32, a Fanta ( that used rubber for centering) etc.; “how do you go about it”, would vary! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, this usually happens when you dismantle a stick… I’d take the above offer, though there’s no harm in hunting down a small tube of the stuff for the future…

I just picked up some Break Lubricant from the garage. Used just a tiny bit. Works like a charm.

I got some dielectric grease like j^aws said and it fixed it right up. In other news, e-clips are WAAAAY too hard to get out.

would there be anything wrong with using a little wd40 on a q-tip and smearing some of it on the half ball round thing of the stick assembly? worked out for me last time i tried it.


Wedge it off with a flathead screwdriver (unless you have an LS-32).

You should use something with more of a gelatinous consistency like grease; it needs to hold in the pivot and keep a thicker layer. As stated before, chapstick has a consistency VERY similar to the standard joystick lube.