How do you go on the office and start a combo?

I’m new to this game (coming from SSFIV) and so far it’s been pretty mind boggling. How exactly are you suppose to start a combo without getting hit?

I just finished playing a game where some dude basically destroyed me with Akuma alone using blah blah blah into hurricane kick x super, I tried to mash in between to start my own combo while blocking but all I did was get hit :frowning:

start by going near the enemy and press -> H thats what i do, and then spam projectile assist… and try to get a hit… anyhow… :x

advancing guard to create space and then follow up with high/low attacks of your own.

Don’t mash while you’re in block stun, it’s a horrible habit and gets you jacked up, no matter what fighting game you’re playing. Push block your opponent out, and use assists intelligently in combination with teleport crossups and triangle jumps to score a hit.

Oh yeah, this would probably be better in the Newbie Saikyo Dojo than the normal MvC3 forums, since it’s a really basic question.

Usually I just try to walk on the set and punch Steve Carrell a few times, but security always gets me in an unblockable. :confused:

Try calling an assist as soon as the security comes, then teleport behind and snapback the security

Pam assist works best for this as it allows for more lenient timing. After the snapback, you’ll want to really work on your triangle jumping because by the time you’re able to get to Steve Carrell, you’ll only have one more shot before he can switch security back in.

Haggar - Jump, down H. Rinse, repeat like 10 times. You always win.

I usually go for the always sunny team, Mac’s karate kick assist along with Charlie’s level 3 Greenman hyper should get you a K.O pretty easily

The same way you would win a match without using a combo.

Well, if he is having problems starting combos, he would have better luck using Mac on point with his level 1 unblockable “Nightman Cometh” while covered by Charlie’s ratbash barrage assist.

Miyomei i’m impressed you got past Dwight Schrute in the first place. That guy has mixups for days!

Do you have government clearance or no?