How do you guys calm your nerves?

hi y’all. first post.
i have very little experience with SF, but i’m determined to make a real go of it. anyway, i’m noticing a lot of flaws in my game and i’m working on them but one thing in particular that i’m having a lot of trouble with is adrenaline. a close match get my heart pumping like no other game. but win or lose, i get so amped that my execution gets sloppy. before i know it i’ve lost 6 or 7 in a row and i’m blowing matches out of frustration. so i guess i’m asking if anyone has any advice to chill myself between matches. wooh sah and all that.

thanks in advance, guys

For me, it just came with time. You’ll get used to getting put into clutch situations.
I personally still get tournament nerves, since I’ve only been to 1 event yet. I’m sure it will go away whenever I can afford to visit more.

Regarding losing several matches afterwards, maybe you should consider reflecting on the things that caused you trouble.
Like if you keep falling for a specific crossup move.
You go into training mode, figure out the range of that move and also options to counter it.
(Also while you are practicing, you have time to calm down from the adrenaline trip :stuck_out_tongue: )

At least in my opinion, that way you’ll improve more, since you actively work on your errors, instead of just keep playing without addressing problems or misunderstandings.
A healthy balance between training and matches is key.

I still have issues with this after 10+ years of competitive gaming. Truth be told, I find nothing works better for me than making a drink. Just drink enough to sustain a light buzz to calm the nerves but not dull the senses. Whether its CS, DotA or a fighting game, I’ve always had this issue until I build up confidence and familiarity with the game I’m playing. Just like FAI_CW said, it just comes with time and exposure to those high-pressure situations.

Thanks guys. Just so happens I have an unopened case of sammys in the garage, lol.

The adrenaline dump is real. I notice it especially if I win a close game in a tournament situation then realize “oh, we’re playing again”. It’s hard to recover from that. That’s the kind of thing you can only overcome with experience.

Also if you feel that and happen to be on the losing end, feel free to just drop over to character select and calm down for a few moments. On the other hand, if you’re experiencing it in casuals, you’re being too self conscious. Don’t worry about losing random games to your buddy. In fact ask him about stuff you’re having trouble with that he’s doing. “Hey when you do this, what should I do?”.

I like asking my friends about stuff I’m having trouble with that they do. I also like when they ask me about stuff that I do (If they’re asking, it’s causing them trouble, which means I’m doing something right!) and I try to explain how I think they should avoid/counter it as well.

Drinking works wonders.

I used to be almost as bad as DSP with how much I raged online. Lag this, missed input that.

Then I sat down, read the Tao Te Ching, and applied it to Street Fighter.
Wu Wei, my man, Wu Wei. You gotta play the game without playing. If you aren’t playing, than you can’t really lose, ya know? Make every single situation is it’s own puzzle, and your goal should be to make the right decision in that situation. If they want to come at you, play defense. If they sit back and chill, play offense. Don’t force things, and you’ll find your place in the puzzle. Have faith that you’re good enough to improve over time, and eventually your place in the puzzle will be beating the opponent.