How do you guys dash with magnus 2P or FF with stick?

Like title of thread, this apply for magnus only because i notice that a lot of his combos requires fast dash reaction, like for resets, catching opponent in a tri jump, going from crouch lk lk + Rocket punch into a rom. I personally use 2P when i wanna wave dash and just move around with him, but while doing resets or combos i use the FF motion. the 2P seems to be faster but sometimes fail if not execute properly and it will either do a standing lp or fp.

This isn’t really specific to Magneto. It depends. You’re onto your own answer really but I’ll share a few things about dashing inputs in general.

Think about what the nature of the** d.PP** input means. Its one, simultaneous three-part input, meaning that in a case where the Dash window is slim, you better be precise. Like you say you’ll get a whiff normal in that scenario-- afaik if you get LP you’re not pressing PP at the same time bc anytime you press PP when a dash is impossible you’ll get HP to animate 100% of the time. IE Magnus dashes, you press PP, you’ll see HP every time.

For very tight windows, F,F is useful because its a staggered two-part input. Means you can start the input during the time-frame when a dash is impossible, but finish with a simple 1-input as soon as dash bcomes available.

Overall it comes down to preference. I use PP dash with speed-up Wolvie even though F,F is safer because its too hard for me personally to maximize blockstun with staggered input.

Chun seems to have an easier time Stomp xx AD’ing with F,F input although it shouldn’t matter which method you use if the timing’s right.

Morrigan needs to use PP input for her SJC infinite bc there isn’t time to hit neutral. maybe on pad if ur a god, but otherwise seems impossible.

And lastly, sometimes PP is the only viable option when you’ve got complex directional inputs planned for either side of the Dash.

Always doing PP is better IMO. It makes it easier, for me, to mix dashes and tri jumps since my fingers are practically glued to the PP. no homo

I think you should do whatever is easier for you.

If you are messing up 2P a lot then you already know the answer.

Do whatever is faster and consistent enough not to hurt your gameplay.

I find PP is easily the best because you can dash WAY faster and you can press downback quicker.

I try to do PP but in certain instances I’ll rely on f,f. For example, when Doom does a high APA, every time I try to wavedash with f,f I’ll get the friggin snap back, pisses me off.

i used to like f,f over PP then I realized I better get use to using PP since mastering two button commands is so vital in this game.

In close range during resets and rushdown: ff

To close distance or cover range: PP