How do you guys deal with this kind of tactic

When I try to jump in , those ken players alway tap front try to parry my jump attack . but they are alway putting they fingers on LP+LK ,ready to tech my throw as a protection in case it is an empty jump.

If I chose SA1 I can use it right after my jump-in while their want to tech throw , or do a air cross chop to delay my jump-in which can mess up their parry timing, but kinda risky if they choose to block.

are there any other way to handle this?

If you mean his jumping d+HP, that’s extremely risky. You get that move blocked and unless it gets blocked from absolute max range… (a lot of times even if you hit them with it) you will die. Don’t use that move when you jump in unless it’s going to win the match for you. The majority of the time it won’t.

Also, getting caught by jump in SA1 is not that easy. Your friends should already be trying to AA you before you even get a chance to jump in. Basically all they have to do is watch for a jump in attack, and if they don’t see one just do a backwards j.HK to get away from the super. Even when you activate the super they still can jump out of it even after the super freeze. You have to catch them making a big mistake like dashing in towards you or recovering from or starting up an attack. If they’re just standing still when you input the super they can jump and escape.

Best thing to do against shotos is stay on the ground any ways. I would only jump in at them after having them grounded or if the match is already in your favor (so they’ll be more reluctant to try and AA you). Stick to keeping them outside with s.MK and c.MP and if you are going to jump in, try to mix it up. Like, try to charge down while you’re jumping towards them and then as you come down, hit them with a c.LK and you should have enough time to hit up+LK/MK and do a stomp. The LK stomp will come in front of them and force them to block regularly and the MK one will cross them up, forcing them to block/parry in the opposite direction.

Since the opponent probably won’t be expecting a low attack as you come down (seeing Alex can’t really verify anything after any low attacks), you’ll more than likely end up hitting them with the c.LK before you even go for the stomp. If you know how to charge partition you can do stuff like whiff s.MP x 2/3 (hold down inbetween each MP), jump towards the opponent with an empty jump and hold down as you are jumping towards them, then immediately hit up+K upon landing to immediately stomp on them. You can also tack on a c.LK or s.MK before doing so if you think they might try to jump away.

Yeah you shouldn’t jump in that much in the first place, but if he always throws when you do an empty jump, then empty jump outside his throw range and punish the whiff animation.

Yeah, also, when shotos jump in at you remember you have good AA’s for them as well. f+MP stops jump ins from a distance (and is also a decent poke) and is great for stopping cross up j.MK. f+HP works as an early AA and when the opponent tries to jump away (after jumping in to set up for a power/hyper bomb, when they’re in the corner, etc.), c.HP is a two hit AA with some good priority (and if only the first hit connects you can do dp+K as a juggle).

I wouldn’t recommend using c.HP in general a whole lot though just cuz of the long ass start up and it’s basically parry bait from the air. Just use it to mix up once in a blue moon. s.MP is also another good AA mainly because of the priority and that if the opponent parries it, you can follow it up with EX dp+K and mess up their parry game. Not to mention if you connect the s.MP, EX dp+K will combo after it for a 2 hit juggle. EX dp+K by itself is a risky AA but it can work if you time it early enough so the opponent isn’t expecting it, therefore making them less likely to parry it. Once the opponent starts coming down towards your head it becomes a risky AA.

So… EX dp+K will combo after s.MP if it hits… and normal dp+K, won’t combo?

And empty jump falling outside their throw range into kara-throw is cool.


Thanks =D