How do you guys do it?

Anyone else here pump in hours of practice into fighting games, but still end up playing as mediocre as possible? I just don’t know how you guys do it, it’s like you have to be born with it or something. When ever I win a match I feel as though it was an undeserved win, because I’m just doing stuff that wouldn’t work at all should I have been playing against some one who knew their shit. I’m not asking for tips on how to get better, that ship has long sailed (Besides, the only “Advice” ever given is to purchase an arcade stick). I just want to know, how do you do it? How do you get your mind to remember these long ass combos and be able to input these complex moves fluently and easily like this?


I play on 360 with a regular controller (not a madcatz pad, just a regular xbox360 controller), I once asked asked that guy “Lythero” what he used, and he told me he used a regular 360 controller as well using the analogue stick, just like I do. I guess that’s why I pushed on instead of giving up fighting games altogether, because there are other guys out there that play using a regular NON-MODDED controller. I probably sound babby as fuck with all this complaining, but it’s frustrating to know that my limit is laughable in the eyes of other players. I’d play some of you guys to show you my skill level, but that wouldn’t solve anything.[S] [/S]


Marvel’s easier on stick. This is coming from a wing-controller user.

As someone that wonders the same thing as you, the answer I came up with is that you are only as good as the people around you. The reason top players are top players is because all they do is play other top players. Move to socal and stop by jwongs on a weekly basis and you will get better. I promise.

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How is it easier?

I disagree… Games with button setups like SF - the stick feels better. Regular 360 controller for me when it comes to Marvel games

Also @OP:
I think you might be trying to hard man. I mean, what is it you are trying to get out of the game? Fun and enjoyment? Going pro? Money, prizes and women?! It sounds like you take very little fun or enjoyment out of it… Just relax and have fun, and learn from your mistakes… Learning from losses and mistakes is sometimes the best way to improve your own game.

controller doesn’t matter. If you want to be “good” you have to play a lot. I’m talking like 80hours a month and play against someone better then you or at least as good. Watching lots of marvel helps to - to learn match-ups and what characters can do. Playing online and getting destroyed is the fastest way to get better. You wont notice you get better for a long time then one day you will be like wtf I’m good now?

I have maybe been in training mode for 1-2 hours tops… and Im a High Lord on XBL and play with a 360 controller too… Most of the shit I know I learned getting my ass handed to me in Vanilla and the first month after Ultimate came out… and here I am today with one of the worst characters in the game handing ass beatings to top tier teams.

I would suggest like everyone to hit up training mode but to some players like myself, countless matches with better players than me taught me the ropes of Marvel.

BTW we had some great matches today Lythero…

I want to be able to be GOOD, like to be able to pull off combos in the video I posted in the OP, and to actually feel like I deserved to win. I play tons of online matches and get my shit slapped a lot and won’t learn why I’m losing right away, but eventually figure it out once I lose enough times (Like Dante players always doing that overhead teleport into helmbreaker to start that generic combo, or nova players always going for overhead attacks to start their combo if you’re moving around too much) I’m a very evasive player, and often feel like I don’t deserve my wins because I’m doing cheesy fundamental stuff (Super jumping all over the place with Trish setting ground traps and spamming divekicks to go into a simple ass combo). I’ve tried to learn how to actually play and use the characters through youtube vids, but I just can’t seem to actually get any of the combos started in an actual match. I also have a hard time memorizing combos.

There is something that most poeple don’t talk about when it comes to fighting games.

you always hear go to training, practice.

Ok, but it really accomplishes nothing. You can practice all you want, but at a certain point it becomes useless. What training mode does, and the only thing it does very well, is imprint how you can move with said character, what buttons are neccessary to execute the combo, and specific set ups.

but other than that, it becomes useless because you cannot emulate stress in training mode.

That execution, real execution, shit that actually matters, comes from days of practice against others.

Sounds to me like you want to drive a Porsche but your in a Pinto.

What you have to understand is- the typical person posting a video has good experience with that character/team. Tons of time spent practicing and making it all muscle memory. Do you have the patience/time/will to spend in training mode smacking a dummy of Spencer/Wolverine/Sent, over and over and over? Then take it to moving dummies, over and over and over? Then take it online/local and execute the same said combo against someone trying?

Now, your typical YouTube footage is a different beast. The big names in the community that you hear about all the time, and tourney pros have not just picked this game up, and became masters. They have OMFG experience with a myriad of fighters and know how to break the game down to a science.

You see Dante hitting you with a sword, they see green and red frame data on the screen.
Sometimes you have to be happy with the lot you have man. It takes years of experience, not with just one single game, to get as good as a lot of those folks.

Don’t be discouraged though. Accept each victory (cheese or not), learn from each loss, work on your teams movement and tighten up your defense and it will get easier man.
Also dont forget to have fun… If your not enjoying yourself, your time is probably better spent doing/playing something else.

Not enough “Duc Do said da combos so easy in marble 3 he don’t understand how people drop dem baby ass combos” posts.

Mash LLL to victory and you’ll be fine

Seriously practice every conversion you can think of. Some people are naturally born with the ability to see it. Some people become good repetitively playing with other people. Sounds like you’re going to have to burn lots of time to get it. Just decide if the time investment is worth it to you. Personally I play just enough to be a pain in the ass to a good player and get bodied by great players.

And I’m cool with that, but then again I’m a grown ass man with a career that takes priority.

I would say 1 change your team or at least the order.
Be real with yourself. Are the characters you playing fit your playstyle?
Too its fine if you have combos but what about setups and neutral?
Don’t go in to training mode just to go in there if you go in there find a purpose.
Take a long ass break from marvel play some other games then come back to marvel. This helps alot of players out.

I am someone who has had character Chrisis since marvel 3 came out. I have yet to find 1 character that I just resonate with so I just do training mode stuff and learn the potentials of characters. Because of it though I can hold my own against anyone. I also have a deeper understanding of the game. And o yea if your an online warrior don’t take your losses seriously because the online is ass.

To be honest, I find the long combos boring; both to do and recieve. I’d rather have a back and forth match than “tag, your dead”.

This might help with memorizing long combos:

You better play another game, then.

Play more casuals so you get accustomed to not dropping combos in a real match. That’s where it counts.

lol @ ppl feeling some kind of way were not telling him to waste hours and hours in training mode and learn “cool” combos… fuck outta here

you can learn all the cool combos you want but if you get hit by a Hulk’s H, Haggars pipe, Sentinel frying pan or any Nemesis normal… then you’ll understand why Marvel is Mahvel

Well, I can’t say that I am Great at this same, I can however say that I can play it.

Pretty sure everyone has this question when they start. What I did about it was I played online. I didn’t bitch about losses. I didn’t rage quit when Haggar broke my skull in with a pipe, I didn’t call the game shit when Wesker Steamrolled my entire team, I just played online a lot.
Then at one point, you learn what isn’t working and what is working. You learn that pushing buttons fast and knowing the best combos isn’t the only concern. You learn on how to get your characters in, when to call assists, and how to convert hits into decent damage.

Then when you get good you erase your record and get a better one huehuehue.