How do you guys do it?



Hello i am new to SRK and to SF4 Chun Li. I’ve decided to main her because lightnings legs are so fun to do O_O!

I have found this forum to be a great resource. But even though ive read the tips/tricks/match up threads and practiced for hours, i am having a hard time winning online!

How do you guys do well with Chun at all? I get hit by everything from lariat spam, excessive dictator head stomps, random cannon spikes, Dhalsim’s J.Fierce and C.Fierce. It’s quite frustrating!

Should i post a video of a match so you guys can critique me?

Also is anyone interested in being a practice buddy? I play on the PC, IGN: Ufffed


the best offence is a good defence.

i play on the PC now and then add me and if you see me on ask to get some games in for practice.


as all here should now,im not the greatest chun player out there,and gief is for me a problem too :wink: (not so much anymore…but nvm)

i think the most important thing to win some games is good mixup and good block.

if u are near enemy start mixup with hasanshu/kakukyakuraku/cHK
if u random mix up these 3 things,u get ur enemy mad.
most ppl expect kakukyakuraku after knock down…they will dont block low.
and if they->hasanshu

against bison i often use air grap (make him fear jumps:cool:)

and (my problem with headstomps at the beginning)learn to STAND and block them.dont just crouch.

hasanshu is rly great too,against fireball spammer.jump over the first,and imediatly start hasanshu.

in near battle i use cLP->cLP->start to hit ur 3xkick button (2 more kicks come out and then exLegs->ultra or something)

or just hasanshu LKversion

i just made a quick video about combos i often use:


after that u can do ultra or something (but hard to time)

i only get exSBK working in the corner,as u see

just use the Super combo in last round,to finish ur enemy (super is waste of ex imo)

the ex SBK gets ur enemy in the right corner if u are one step away.if u are near him,he will fly to the other corner.

combo5 & combo6:
mix this up,and ur enemy gets rly mad+makes insane dmg
(the headstomps only work in the corner!!!)
IMPORTANT:u can choose the headstomp hit area.its just timing.quick hit up.wait a little and it hits low.

pretty good move.but i dont see it often from other chuns…fortunately xD

combo7 & combo8:
just some ultra start ups

last but not least:the FA lvl2 is often ur friend

if u got any questions about what i put in,at what time etc…feel free to pm me:shy:

oh,and ofc…lil shotos guide xD



I main Chun-li (obviously) and how I deal with the problems you have are :

Lariat spamming - Just don’t jump in as much and wait for him to whiff and sweep Gief. I do however still have trouble with these sometimes when they mix it up. Chun-li stomps work too since you are above him and his arms swing horizontally making the hit-boxes away from you.

Dictator stomps - Often when they just spam that the whole time, they expect you to stay at the same spot being defensive. So they don’t expect you to jump up and air grab them or just think fast and do an angled jump M. Kick.

Cannon spike - Just like any Anti-air like a Shoryuken I just block it and have them whiff then poke into EX legs, I air grab them, or the easiest is just to walk up and grab (back grab does more damage, although it isn’t always best to do a back grab).l

Dhalsim Yoga Strikes - This one is tough, I think that this is the main reason people have trouble with Dhalsims are his stretch attacks (His incredible range). When my friend was playing against one, he was playing Blanka and did his lightning attack, the Dhalsim did Jumping fierce and got hit by the lightning. You see how when he stretches? he’s really near you, so that makes him much closer to do something to him. So try to work your way in, FADC your way in if you can because he falls VERY slowly and has a lot of recovery time for any of his stretches (Standing and Jumping). If the tries to jump and do his twist on his way down, air grab him at any giving chance. He has pretty low health so if you keep up the air grabs he’ll go down quick. Doing many air grabs seal off angled jumps for him giving you an advantage.

After just swatting all these down you limit their options, switch to another game like just some mixups (Jumping heavy kick into sweep/Hazan shu, crossup L.kick into EX legs.

Hope this helps.


for gief all i do is back up kikouken then target combo and poke alot.

bison head stomps i just walk foward and grab on the wiff

cammy cannon spikes. dont jump alot and u wont get hit. also crouch block on the spiral arrow so u can grab them

dalsim. he is hard but as long as u can facd your way to him then keep him in one spot you are good.


best thing against headstomps is when they go up, if u dash forward or even jst move forward a bit you can grab right after they land


Air grab will get the advantage first against Dictator. Go into training, record what you can’t go over and practice!


By the way, if you make Zangief whiff his Lariat (or even if you block and are left with enough room) you can punish with Ultra.


Wow you guys gave some really good advice. I will have to try those strategies against dictator the next time i fight one.

Anyone have advice for closing in on guile? Every once in a while i can get a HSU or a throw, but once the other player catches on i start to eat a lot of Flash kicks, and they tech my throws :/. According the the match up thread it said i should back Guile players into the corner, but sometimes they just sit there in midscreen like a rock and i can’t do anything to get in nor can i back them to where i want!

Also i almost have the same problem against Balrogs. His jab and sweep are so fast, i always find myself getting stuffed/hit by those.


Use focus absorbs, neutral jumps, blocking in order to get to crossup distance and not jump-in distance (guile is weak to crossup). Generally be patient and dont be too obvious (like, as soon as you’re in jump-in range, you shouldn’t jump-in everytime when you see a projectile being fired)

Anyway, jumping is not the only way to approach guile… you can use your medium range pokes to stop his fireball startup or his other moves.


For turtles in the corner, if they are crouch blocking I just jump up and stomp. After the 3rd stomp I do the split kick. This works most of the time depending on who you are playing.

hope this helps.


with lariat spammers, you jus gotta play a bit more defensive. you can punish all lariats with s.roundhouse as long as it isnt on the startup of the lariat. you can also punish with j.roundhouse or ultra.

vs dhalsim’s limbs, as long as you follow behind a kikoken you should be fairly safe. also if hes in the air and tries to j.fierce you you can focus and dash up to punish him. also, ex hazanshu works well against him also. since the startup of ex hsu has invincibility frames

vs guile, you gotta try and mix him up a bit more. when he anticipates a throw, lk hazanshu him. when he starts flashkicking, try to bait em out and punish. as someone said earlier, guile is weak against cross ups. try and cross up when possible

balrog is a bit hard imo. he makes your zoning useless when hes about mid screen. his jab outprioritizes a lot. one of the best sweeps in the game…


If its a kicks lariat you can punish it at anytime (during any of it as long as your close enough) with cr.fp. This always hits the kicks lariat (the faster, shorter one of the two lariats)…

I think its then pretty clear what all your options are from that (Super, SBK, EX SBK, LL, EX LL etc…)

Hit a gief a couple of times with a decent combo like this and they normally think twice about lariat spamming. I find most giefs use the kicks lariat as the punch version can just be so they go for the “safer” option.

For Sim, although not that practical you can can jump headstomp any of his out stretched limbs, its good if you get the chance to do it do really I just turtle up, FADC and try to get the Sim to come to me, then its easy pickings

For Rog I have posted this before but this is the basics of handling him…Grab anything thats Yellow (EX) and st.fp anything that’s not… That’s the basics of the Rog fight but this link shows exactly how to handle them, including how to space em out of the game :slight_smile:


Guile’s Flashkick has a bad recovery time but it is hard to predict that the person is going to throw a sonic boom or a flashkick, so like above users say, bait them. Use Chun for her pokes.


I should also add that I did some testing in training mode.

cr.LK, cr.MK, and cr.MP will all beat Gief’s lariat.

Generally not useful considering most Zangief players don’t lariat when they’re that close, but cr.MP has pretty good range, and if you’re good at linking cr.MK into EX Legs then you’ve got a very powerful tool against Lariat spammers.


These are not Chun Li related issues, you just need more experience on your match ups.

Zangief is ez mode for Chun Li in my opinion, you just have to be prepared to play like a bitch (Keep away and Turtle your ass off), do not go offensive at all when you have the life lead … Just force him to attack and you will have a poke ready for him. Also careful not to get cornered because once you do you’re not getting out without taking damage.

As for the rest of your issues, you just need to perfect your defense and garner more experience.