How do you guys feel about air-blocking?


I’ve seen a lot of talk about parrying in 3S, but nobody talks about air-blocking and stuff.

I picked up A3 for the PSP (lol) a good while back, and I was pretty surprised at how much it could potentially change the game. I mean, there’s a lot less risk associated with jumping in, right? But then does the risk of being beaten when you throw out a move mid-air, along with the guard crush meter negate this? Isn’t the whole “zone with hadouken, beat out jumps with shoryuken” a pretty fundamental part of SF play?

How does/did it affect high level play?

(BTW, I’m aiming this question at SF games, I can completely see why it’s necessary in Marvel)


DPs will still hit you out the air even with air block if done correctly.


Really? It’s been ages since I’ve played the game, could you explain more?


If the DP connects during the grounded frames, it’ll hit, regardless of the air block. If a ground hit connects with an airborne character, they can’t block it.


I like the way it’s used to BlazBlue but, in SF I’m not a fan.


If you jump in the air like a rabid bunny, you deserve what you get. That’s what I think anyway. Air blocking works for some games, like Guilty Gear and Marvel, but I’d hate to see it in mainline Street Fighter.


The alpha series had airblocking. I believe in alpha 3 it depended on which ISM you picked though.


It’s honestly fine. Zangief goes from either being shit or retarded to sort of working, but it’s not like you get in for free. If you don’t know how to get around fireballs you’ll still get pushed back by them on block all day long, and A2 matches are still zoning and projectile heavy as hell.

A3 just has super shitty fireballs and DPs, etc. to boot.


Its great you made this thread because I’ve been thinking about it a lot as well.
"How is anyone zoned with air-blocking? They can just jump forward and hold back until they’re in right? No, that can’t be right. There would be nothing to punish"
I still can’t figure it out. Others are saying that moves hit people out of the air while they’re grounded. If so then does the typical down fierce work?
In general I don’t really understand any game with air-blocking. I like blazblue but I don’t understand the fundamentals of the game. At least in most other games everything is so fast your eyes forget to tell your hands to hold back


As far as I remember in alpha 3/2 you couldn’t block grounded attacks, such as crouch fierce.

But things like projectiles could be blocked, or if someone tries to air to air you, you’ll block it.


I think its fine. Grounded attacks still hit so its not like you get in for free, you just can’t air to air people if they are expecting it. In CvS2, air blocking at the last second(or called chicken blocking) where you land and recover faster than the opponent was a pretty good strategy so it deepened the game for me.


play c groove in CVS or play guilty gear


In games with air combos and air dash, yay. In traditional fighters, nay.


I used to like it before. But after awhile, it got too defensive for me. Fighting games are more fun when the defensive options are limited. That way, you have to come up with your own defensive measures to compesate.