How do you guys feel about live commentators/announcers at tournaments?

I’m planning on holding a huge SF4 tournament to capitalize on it’s popularity and kick start the fighting game community here on Guam. How do you guys feel about live commentators on matches at events? The reason I ask is because I’ll be holding the tournament at the center court of the biggest mall here and let’s be honest, most casual spectators don’t know the finer points of SF4, so it helps people who don’t play the game know what the hell is going on. Plus, I don’t know about you guys, but whenever I watch footage from a match with a commentator, it always gets me extra hyped (Justin Wong MvC2 evo moment, ArcadeInfinity videos).

Rockafeller for the win man.

Much like anything else some Announcers are awesome and some of them suck. Get someone whose worth listening to and everything should be good.

It’s fine if they don’t suck and actually know about the game


Evo 2K6 mean anything to anyone? Sirlin was a good announcer, but then he had an assistant… who said some really dumb stuff and flat out insulted some of the players. That wasn’t funny, it just got irritating.

insulting the players is fine on a local level if you know the dude personally though and its all jokes

we pull that shit all day.

Even a really shitty commentator is better than none at all, in my opinion. It just makes things more interesting. Unless like, their voice really really sucks or something.

Annoucers really improve the tournament. Do your best. :slight_smile:

I like commentary, there is a difference between funny, and trying to be funny however. But, as posted before, most announcers are better than none at all.

heres a good example of good (non-Rockefeller) commentary:

It depends. I wouldn’t want a bad announcer, but I wouldn’t mind an announcer so bad that it’s just plain funny (“3 uppercuts in a row?!?!?! You gotta earn it son!”).

Anyway I’ll watch the examples of good commentary when it’s not 10:40.

i like em to make the matches hype. like this one




This is what would call good, but not great, the enthusiasm…is obvious. And excellent. You need commentators who really, really, get the crowd excited. When someone lands a cross up, or a reversal, or some insane combo, the announcer should be loud and frenzied. And the fact that the announcer(s) is recorded on the DVD PRESERVES that excitement (along with the crowd reaction).

But…you also need someone to offer color and insight. Why did Afrolegends lose that round? How should ProfessorJones approach playing against Honda as Dictator? What should we look for in X match-up? Did Daigo make a mistake with that dragon punch?

You need someone to not only give play by play, “cross up hurricane kick, oh low forward meaty, reversal, etc.” but someone to say why when Dictator has someone cornered and knocked down he can pass over them with psycho crusher or scissor kick and force them into a left/right AND low/overhead guessing game. Or why Honda after his holds can cross under and throw a low roundhouse to cross up the opponent, Super Turbo of course for these.

I was a sports media major in College and I’m obsessed with announcing for professional competition, from baseball to starcraft, I consume competitive media day and night.

No announcer = bland. Any announcer = decent. But an experienced team of knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and MOST IMPORTANTLY…PROFESSIONAL announcers is truly amazing.

By professional I mean, no swearing, absolutely no trash talking, and no mutterings (uh, um, like, you know, etc.).

There’s always going to be people yelling loudly anyway. It would be nice to have a neutral announcer louder than them with a mic. Some people go there with way too many loud friends, and when you’re the guy without your own gang of yelling support, it can be annoying.

Commentary really can add a lot to a match. It can add hype for people playing and watching while at the same time letting people who aren’t as familiar with the game know just how one player is getting messed up (and do so in a hilarious way). Thumbs up to announcers.

This got me curious so I looked up a [media=youtube]68tQ3qNQuRU"[/media].

Holy shit. I cringed so much, I actually broke most of my teeth. And his mic is turned up about 1000 decibels more than Sirlin’s too.
But anyway, yeah good commentary is cool.

Kokujin beats out any announcer…he knows how to make a match hype


but yea Americas best is rockafellar IMO

That dude (forgive me, I forget his name) makes me laugh every time I hear him commentating on a match.

i dont really like commentators. seems pretty annoying and that it would fuck with your thoughts

AhI laugh my ass off at this guy every time to. He’s awesome. PROTECT YO NECK!



sanchez rules