How do you guys feel?

So, Ono said no AE for home consoles, I’m sure a lot of us have read that article, but where does that leave you? Are you happy that there’s no AE or feel as if home version should have been made?

I feel like we should drop it and just have patience cause i feel like ono is doing a new type of trolling called the scare tactic.

There is a thread for general discussion:

But the idea of AE not coming to console is preposterous either way. AE has already been purchased by arcades–thats money in Capcom’s pockets. Every dollar spent then goes to the arcade owners. If Capcom hopes to maximize return on investment they will, as an eventuality, release AE to do so. The only reason they haven’t yet is to maintain the good faith of arcade owners who serve as a loyal customer base for their various arcade games. It’s sort-of like a non-compete agreement when one doctor buys the practice of another doctor–the original owner of the practice agrees not to compete on certain terms so that the buyer can reap profits for some time. Very common as a small-business practice.

AE is coming. It’s just a matter of time. And if for some freakish reason it doesn’t, we’ll just stop using HK CW as a reversal and we’ll have the same damn Fei that’s in AE (minus a few buffs).

i never really expected a direct port of AE to consoles anyway. so much for god tier fei. also if they do rebalsnce it, we can say goodbye to most of the bandwagoners looking for the best character

Ahem. The writeups today have been a great deal misleading… Ono’s tweets pretty much confirm it’s coming, just not when.

Either read this article or Ono’s tweets.

So as for how I feel? I’m good, a little burnt out of playing games seriously so I’m just chilling and playing Magic the Gather atm, but I’m relaxed.

Edit: Oh, and smug. I’m definately a smug git.

until i hear something official from somebody higher up at capcom
idc what ono says

Whether or not is coming isnt the issue (capcom will lose so much money if they don’t bring it to consoles), its when it does come out is it going to be rebalanced? … and if so, how badly things like the twins and fei get nerfed.

Ive taken about a week off and I feel my head is clear enough now to get back on the game. Time to level up!

i predict damage nerfs on flame kicks and cw all around, removal of the death combo on those it worked on, and removal of hk cw invincibility and probrablly a damage nerf on far fierce and f+hk.

he will still get the jab sweep stuff

AH, my mistake. Forgot about General Discussion thread. Just posted this early when I was at school, was wondering how the Fei forums felt about it.

There would be no need for any of that though. I also find it hard to see Capcom changing AE for console with yet MORE patches.

What would be the point of giving him a few minor buffs that bring his A game up, then completely nerfing the shit out of him beyond Vanilla? It wouldn’t make sense.

honestly i think there much to lazy to rebalance it for console… theyd end up making another new game called console super street figther 4 arcade edition

well when you think about it every character has had damage nerfs except fei, so for him to finally get some would make sense. how many characters have regular use normals that do 120+. honda dosent even have them anymore, and hes supposed to be a “heavy hitter”. and we cant really expect to keep doing 280 from raw flame kick fadc’s. fei seems pretty middle of the road with the exception of the seemingly random damage explosions on key punnish combos

so for a few moves to take a hit, it wouldnt suprise me. from my biased fei main point of view, i dont want it to happen, but i can see how it would happen

also, he wasnt actually bad in vanilla. he didnt have anything top tier stupid, but he was still a solid mid tier character. which is what i think capcom intended for him to be

They’re not going to patch it again, that would be nuts. Too much patchwork.

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who cares… just play marvel or console ssf4. these iterations of updates of games is really getting annoying… why cant they just release one game and just patch via online… thank god they finished up tekken 6 and put in the br characters and tweaks in the tekken 6 console release… not of this bs of which version do i have to constantly play in order to keep up wit others… imo i think these updates are good, but gradually changing it to where its a huge significant game breaker… is too much… i think these “lets hear the fan base”…have completely fked up the whole balanced system of fighting games nowadays…

AE has a terrible balance and to be honest, im pretty happy that it isn’t coming out to console for a while because id much rather play ssf4 console version in tournament than AE. what i think they will do instead of having a full port of AE, they will have the characters as DLC and work them into the current balance instead of fucking up every single character.