How do you guys hit your focus buttons

This a general question, but since I play only as Akuma usually, I will post here.

My weakest part of my game is focus canceling. Like uppercut into fireball, or fireball in BnB. I can do it, but not consistently and I need some tips or ideas .

I have my focus set to my middle two buttons, m.p and m.k, and I hit them with two fingers then try to focus cancel/dash. But I have seen people use a single button (I also play with the TE stick) or use one finger and press both, like the middle finger slapping down.

How do you guys do it? Just curious.

And yes, practice makes perfect, but I want to be as efficient as I can when learning this as it’s still causing me issues after months.

I hit both the buttons with my index finger hitting the “Y” button and my thumb hitting the “B” button. I tried to use 1 button for focus but it doesn’t work for me. I say set it up the way its more comfortable for you and practice. I’m pretty sure some people here are gonna say the same thing.

Good luck!!!

I use my middle finger to hit both buttons.

Ring finger = :mp:
Index finger = :mk:

I know it may look weird but since that’s where my fingers are positioned over the buttons, it makes perfect sense to me. That’s if I’m mid-combo though, if I’m focusing out of the blue I’ll probably use Middle finger for :mp: instead.

Middle finger on mp and thumb on mk.

Same positioning for me.

I generally keep my index, middle and ring finger positioned over jab strong fierce ( on the top row ) and my thumb alternates between short and forward while my pinky hits rh. This is probably unorthodox, but it’s comfortable for me.

I use this too.

I miss inputs like this somtimes too, but its such a minor part of my game I never put much thought into it until recently.

This was something I noticed Kuroda and MOV (two of the very best 3s players) doing with throws in 3s (which is the same input as in SF4), and the same technique could probably be applied to focus. Instead of using 2 seperate fingertips they’d use the length of their index finger to hit both buttons. They both use kind of awkward hand placement relative to what I’m used to, but needless to say, they don’t miss throws.

It depends. If I’m fadc’ing a srk then I use my thumb and index finger. If I’m fadc’ing cammy’s cannon spike then I used my index and middle finger.

I’m gonna have to try that and see if I like that way!!!

Grrrr…you guys are no help, lol. I was hoping there was a universal “proper” way to do this, but I guess it’s preference. I will mess with training mode more, and see what I personally think is best.

Thank you all for the information. :slight_smile:

When I first started doing it I used the two finger way(middle and thumb) but when I switched to tapping both buttons vertically with my index and middle finger my execution improved.

I found that doing it that way enabled me to move to red fireball input much faster. Specifically after a lp shoryu because you would normally have your index finger on the lp button so all you would need to do was slide it to the right and tap down.

if only it was that easy :xeye:

My thumb and index finger.

Thumb on mk, finger in mp.

Sometimes I’ll use my middle finger on mp and the finger to the right of my middle finger in mk. This is a throwback from performing ‘fake-throws’ in World Warrior when we used to play the CPU and seeing how many fake-throws we could chain together :slight_smile:

On the subject of focus cancels, I’ve always recommended people try simply slowing their inputs down. For a while I found them quite difficult and figured I just plain didn’t have the dexterity to pull this stuff off. Turns out I was doing it far too fast and fluffing my inputs.

I since applied the handbrake on my inputs and have managed to nail consistency in my focus cancel options ever since which I have found particularly useful with Akuma - especially s.fp > ball > fadc > s.fp > ball > fadc > s.fp > lk tatsu > hp srk.

If you’re having trouble nailing down reliability and consistency, try slowing things down a fraction. It helped my game significantly.

I use my middle finger to hit mk, mp. Find it easier to hit lp srk with index then hit middle finger for fadc. I find it the index and thumb technique gets me too twisted.

P.S. I have sanwa buttons - may be too hard to hit it with harder buttons like happs

I hit mp with middle finger and mk with index finger. I’ve tried using index on mp and thumb on mk but it didn’t feel comfortable. :confused:

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3. right thumb on mp and mk

Agree with this, thats the only way I can get out any of Akuma’s FADC stuff.

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I guess I’m weird: Middle Finger on MP, Ring Finger on MK. But I suppose as you’ve found out, there’s no “correct” way of doing this. Just what’s more comfortable for you.