How Do you Guys Pick Mains?


Alright ive been playing SF4 on PC for almost 6 months now. I have a lot of work and real life in the way so i dont always play and practice i play like 2-3 times a week for 3 hours or so, it’s all the time i have between work and school.

I play Guile, but something keeps nagging at me, I don’t feel like i want to play as him, it’s not as fun, and habitually i play with him only because of familiarity, and iv’e tried many characters but i can’t really choose. It’s like you, i don’t feel like that spark for a specific character that makes me go, Yeah I really want to play them.

How did the process of picking a main work for you guys?

  1. “This character looks really cool!”
  2. Spend a week, suffer, pick a better character.
  3. Better character gets nerfed immediately in the next version.
  4. Go back to the character who looks really cool.


Well I actually got a bit lucky. Or unlucky, really, since my main is Bison. Oh well. I was messing around with a friend who wasn’t as good at the game (I was pretty bad, too, but I knew what I was doing). I believe I was maining Guile at the time, but only because I hadn’t picked anyone else. I didn’t care much for Guile, but I didn’t like anyone better. However, playing Bison against my friend, things just sort of clicked for me.

Every other fighter, now, I can look for characters with similar playstyles. Or just pick one that looks cool. Sometimes both. I seem to always end up with the archers now, too. Archers are cool like that.

I also try to pick top tier/ease to play characters in non-SF games now, since I really don’t have the time to invest in other series to get to the level I’m at with SF right now.

So basically, just play some (extended) sets with different characters, and see if one just kind of clicks for you. Otherwise, pick a toptier and roll with it!


you either like thier design, move list, or how you’ve seen someone else play with them…

either way, there’s no wrong answer and whoever you choose…there will be practice ahead of you to get comfortable with them


Don’t feel bad about having trouble finding a main in SF4. It is the only fighting game where I’ve had so much trouble, usually the only trouble is there are too many cool choices and I have to choose one. In SF4 I still haven’t found one I can say I’m completely satisfied with, and I’ve been playing for a year.


It’s usually when I get bodied really hard I get discouraged with guile haha. Right now I’m doing c to shining c on pc hoping that helps me with a character Choice.


Here’s how I see it:

  1. The character has a cool movelist, design, playstyle, or theme* (Major thing for me for some reason :lol:)
  2. Practice with him or her, face other players and drop the character.
  3. Pick another character; repeat number two.
  4. Go back to your original choice and do better with them.


Pick Vergil.

  1. Look at all these characters!
  2. That Juri person looks hot
  3. Play Juri, for better or for worse.


Vanilla SF4
-Wow, this game is awesome but none of these characters appeal to me.
-“Watches trailer for Super” Hmm, that Ibuki character looks positively beguiling, I shall run her.
Super SF4 comes out
-Plays Ibuki for better or worse.

KOF is easier for me, I generally do Terry/Some Top Tier/Grappler. I like Terry, I like Grapplers and it’s a team game so I want a scary weapon in my arsenal like Mr.Karate, Kim or Oswald.

KOF XI- Terry/Oswald/Tizoc
KOF XIII- Terry/Kim/Clark
KOF 2002-Terry/Athena/Shermie

Other games I just pick what looks cool, ignoring tier lists/ good team dynamics, especially if I don’t care about the game. I used to run Capt.America/Doom/Ironman in MVC2, those were some fun days lol.


Well, the only reason why I bought sf4 in the first place was because I really liked Cammy’s design. So there goes that.


Play Time Trial and Survival. Who ever you beat it with that’s your destined main.


my main was Juri for the longest time, then I did the C to C achievement and found I like Cody better.


It can be for any reason at all

Take the arguably best SF4 Rose player in the world, for instance:


I pick characters that look cool.

I play Dudley, Vega, T. Hawk, Sagat and Gouken.


I pick characters that have tools to deal with the common things I DONT like in the game. That’s why in SF for example I typically pick any one with a dp because the jumps and jabs drive me nuts in that game.


I pick characters that have red karate gi’s on.


Looks cool. Plays cool. Is cool.

I used to be a Ken player, but I shifted to Vega eventually after I found his blond colour. Now I seem to be great and bonded with chargers but I have some trouble attempting to main others. Claw looks good and played good so we became best friends. Saying that though, I love Boxer and Dictator’s style even though I have no appeal to their designs. Guess you have to be fussy.


Just pick whoever looks cool when you’re a noob. After you level up you’ll get to know yourself and how you tend to play like, so you can find characters that fit that style.


I go for characters that don’t get enough love.

Or I should say, Get underestimated.