How do you guys "quiet" your joysticks?

I moved in with my girlfriend. The best time for me to play is when she goes to bed. The problem is, the apartment is kinda small and the “click-clack” of the buttons would be hella annoying for anyone trying to sleep in the next room. Has anyone ever faced a similar issue? Any ideas on how to cut down the noise?

I’m using a Tekken 5 stick trying to play Marvel (a.k.a. game with many loud cick-clacks)

your kidding right? what do u live in a paper house? Are the walls that thin that everyone can hear what your doing in the next room.I bet u have a hard time fappin.Or are u hitting the buttons so hard that everyone can hear.I don’t get it.I live with like 4 other people and two of are rooms are coneccted.They never hear me playing video games, and I don’t even turn down the volume.

I just don’t want to bother her. You must of had a steele re-inforced house because yes, joysticks are loud and annoying if it’s the only noise you can hear and you’re trying to sleep.

You must live in a bomb shelter.

Joysticks are loud. I don’t think there’s much you can do… ESPECIALLY if you play marvel.

Do you play pad? :sweat:

lol…well that sucks that you have that problem.I don’t see any solution to the problem.I guess you could go over a friends house and play, but i don’t think you would want to do that all the time.

I’ve definatly had simillar problems…just to support you there.

as far as solutions go though…umm drugging her would probably work

Wait until after she goes to sleep to start playing. I doubt she sleeps so light as to have button clicks waking her up.

Wow are you slamming the buttons down or what? Must be a pretty small place too, if some clicks from a stick will bother someone while they are sleeping.

I suggest putting the air conditioner on high, or have a fan on, to maybe mask the clicking(which shouldn’t be that loud to begin with).

That’s what I was getting at…who pushes the buttons that damn hard.Are you button mashing?When you mash it makes alot of noise.I know cause that’s what I do on Tekken.

Instead of keeping your hand high above the buttons and hitting them, try keeping your hand on the bottons as close to them as possible and lightly pushing them instead of fully pressing them, unless you got one of those types of buttons where you have to knock the shit out of them to make them work.

If that doesn’t work, then playing marvel when she goes to sleep isn’t the best time.

I attach old baseball cards by all my switches so it sounds like a motorcycle! klikliklikliklikliklikliklik!!!

When i mash in MVC2 i barely make any noise. I don’t slam my fingers down on them when mashing either.

Although i have known a few gamers around to really give the buttons hell.

I have the same problem using my T5 stick. It’s mostly the joystick that makes all the noise. I’ve just given up on playing when people are sleeping and put in an rpg instead shrugs

its gonna be loud regardless
i suggest that you start screaming too when you play so she’d think the joystick is silent on hindsite

I was thinking about opening it up and stuffing a small pillow inside. That might make the noise resonate less in the box, itself.

Ah … yup … I remember those days. Here’s what I did.

When the girl’s asleep:

Phase 1: Play on pad (practice zoning, setups, and other non stick required stuff).
Phase 2: Play on stick, cover with blanket to trap the noise (I know, it’s ghetto).
Phase 3: Buy a second T.V and get her DVDs (so she stays awake)
Phase 4: Condition her to sleep though it.

Before, something as small as the light illuminating from my alarm clock would keep her awake. With enough time and conditioning, she can now sleep though all lights on + tv by her head + click click + me farting.

Seriously, no exaggeration.

Good luck.

Noooooo…don’t do that :sweat:

I’d say playing on a pad would be the best option, if he MUST play while she is asleep.

Some interesting suggestions. Thanks!

I broke up with my girlfriend and moved out. Since then, the noise the buttons make hasn’t been a problem at all.