How do you guys transport your stick to tournament and such?

I just got my stick yesterday and I plan on going to a tournament soon just for fun. I would have to ride the bus to get to the tournament and was wondering how I would take it. I thought of putting it in my backpack, but I’m concerned it might get damaged.

So how do you guys carry around your stick?

TE’s and HRAP’s are pretty tough, being in a backpack wont harm it in any way just short of dropping from high places. Any other kind of stick though you might not want it banging around.

Yeah, its a TE stick, but I still think it would face some wear and tear in a backpack like scratches… I might just wrap it in something and put it in my backpack. I’m also a little worried about the stick because it sticks outward.

i just carry it in my arm like how i would hold a book or magazine.

i bring it in my car as my transporter pad is acting up

I use this:

But most of the time, just these:

I use a sexy EVO stick bag, fits a TE perfectly. I think they’re sold out at the moment, but more are on the way? I’m sure there will be a post on the frontpage when they’re back.
Other than that I wouldn’t worry too much about putting it in a backpack, just don’t put your keys, random nail collection or cat in there with it. In the end it’s still going to get scratched and worn, it’s a physical tool after all.

Get a flight case…

Cumbersome, expensive and massively over the top, but when you turn up and open the flight case to reveal the stick people will think you’re Sheng Long!!