How do you hack an official Sony PS2 controller?


Okay, I tried this on two official PS2 controllers… Plugged them into the PS2 before I started taking them apart and they worked fine…

Opened up the controller, look it apart…
Disconnected the 2 rumble motors…
Disconnected the 19 pin ribbon…

Now, when I plug the controller back into the PS2, the keypresses start going crazy! Even though it has no buttons or motors it should still function as if I am not pushing any buttons… According to my game controllers configuration menu on my PC, it reads all buttons as being pressed down…

Why does this happen?


Cause it’s a PS2 controller. I don’t think anyone has successfully hacked a first party PS2 controller without any extensive work with resistors and whatnot.


You can’t hack an official PS2 controller, that’s why no one uses them.


According to this website… there were able to do it…

They just couldnt use it with a P360… I just want to put it into a stick and use it on the PS2…


you can hack any ps2 controller. just depends on what series it is…some are easier to do than others.


Looks like they connected the pins on the back of the PCB. It seems to explain it all there, but It looks like more of a pain than its worth to me.


Yeah… but that still doesnt answer my original question…

Why does the controller act like all buttons are pressed down when I disconnected the plastic pad strip?


Because the buttons are analog. With the ribbon cable disconnected, the button lines dont have any voltage on them; they’re floating. When connected, they have a voltage that is applied to them that changes based on how hard you press the button.

When the pad checks the voltage on the button, there isn’t any solid voltage there, just random electrical noise. Ergo, the pad sees and reports random noise. When the ribbon cable is connected, there is a solid voltage that varies based on the pressure put on the button, and this voltage is much stronger than that random electrical noise, so the noise is never seen.


So then if I keep the ribbon cable on… then I can use the PS2 controller?


scan a good picture of the ribbon cable and I maybe able to answer.


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