How do you handle Blade's movement?

Just looking for a variety of responses on this one as to how you guys like to approach opponents.

I usually do j.C and start hitting my combo string until hit confirm, but some of the people I fight online are frustrating me with all their super jump > keep away like this one guy’s Saki I fought earlier today.

Sure Blade can super jump and fly across the stage but is that really going to help? Some characters are just too fast and will be able to outpace you all day until you knock them down, but by that time they’ll have built up a clean 2+ bars and will be ready to mega crash at any given moment.

I’ve pretty much perfect my ground game with Blade since lag online doesn’t allow me any other choice but I’d like to know how you guys approach your opponents whether they play keep away or are just overly aggressive.

At full screen distance, I like to dash forward and backward and mix things up with an aerial back dash or double jumps. Since his j. C has such ridiculous range, it should be able to stuff most aerial attacks fairly safely if the enemy decides to stop you from approaching. If you manage to knock them down with a C ~ 236 (forgot name), you can dash forward fairly safely to close the distance, in my experience. Same with Crash Intrude.

At mid-range, a hard falchion is fairly dependable, but not abusable by any means because it’s highly punishable on block. Usually, Forward dash -> j. 2C -> Hard Falchion is a good tactic.

I still need to think my movement a little better, but for now that’s how I act.

My movement is quite similar to what Blue Lightning just described.

If they’re grounded, I tend to use super jumps then air dashes and j.C in a distance that even I can’t be really sure which side of my opponent I’ll land hehe
I used this against a friend who plays soki and began to get trashed by that counter attack move… lol
So I changed a bit to fall without atacking and grab or something…

if they’re just trying to run away, dash forward, then airdash, seems to be more effective trying to catch someone than superjump and airdash.
In this situation, if they try to run below you, you can 2C and C falchion into combo and/or assist or just double jump, dash back and j.C.

Dunno, it’s just weird not having a ground dash hehe

Lol so three people who all speak portuguese are in the same thread.

But yeah, I’m having a hard time against people who can easily run away and be safe because of their traps and projectiles like Saki, Doronjo, VJ, and Volnutt. I’m going to have to do that dash into air dash and j.C and see if I can trap them because once I’m able to get a hit in, I’m always able to combo the living daylight out of them.

One other question, when I was playing this guy online, I was hitting him with my combo string and I got grabbed several times from within a combo string! I’m not even sure it was lag because I had no input lag but I could be wrong. Can Blade actually get grabbed out of ground combos!? Sure his moves are slow, but if you’re getting hit he causes enough hit stun to continue with a combo. Has this happened to anyone yet? I think we need to test this out because if it’s true, then Blade is going to be quite unusable in the near future.

If we all speak portuguese, maybe we should. lol.

well, This grabbed while comboing is news to me heheh never seen anything like that.

Catching people who run away with Blade is not easy, even with all that mobility…
I try to stay in the air and just mix “ground” dash, airdash, j.C (which changes your dash trajectory) and “ground” dash, airdash, 2C, C falchion…
eventually I’ll come close enough to make my game ehehe

also, spaming some 236 + attack will help you control some screen, so they won’t just flood the screen with projectiles…
and they’ll have to guard a little letting you move freely or you can score some free damage…

of course, all this is purely theory fighter, but as far as I went for now, it worked just fine…

There was a case a friend played a Runaway Batsu who I couldn’t catch by any means…
Jump, fireball, double jump, fireball, back dash, fireball… I’m getting close!, hcb+ attack and he “flying kicks” away… lol
anyway, this kind of movement I tried to explain, worked for the vast majority of the time.

Nah, no Portuguese speaking, or other people won’t understand a thing <.<;

@Blue Lightning: Por que no? lol

@austrolpitecus: Nothing can be worse than a run away Saki, super jump, throw grenades, land, fire gun, rinse and repeat. Ugh makes me feel like buffing up my Condor Joe a lot more!

Bem se os mods vierem c refilar, a ideia no foi minha >:

I use Ryu’s assist to cover Blade’s dash. But I don’t know how viable that is in higher levels of play.

Hehe, don’t think you guys are totally safe. Portuguese is similar to Spanish, so I can understand some of it. :cybot:

Nao!!! Agora todo mundo vai querer entrar na nossa conversa! lol

about being grab during your strings its possible, i found this out as well when i was playing against a friend of mine when using blade, apparently you can do it to everyone i think, just block the first two hits or even the first hit of the combo string then throw :O, i was amazed that grabs in this game are just like ST lol

I’ll have to test this tomorrow when I play with my friends, this is going to be very frustrating if everyone can get grabbed like that

Yup, throws are much much better in this version. If you’re blocking an attack string, with fast fingers (and if online, no lag or lots of luck), you can grab them out of certain attacks.

grabbed out of combo strings is bad but comboed out of combo strings is worse. also i think blade’s at a disadvantage against keep away characters because of his slow motion mobility. i experienced this a while ago against a megaman player. i generally approach with jumping c, jump 2c xx falchion, jump 2c xx a baselard(if it hits i crash intrude)and ocassionally just falchion. you got to keep mixin it up to keep them guessin. blade’s approaches can be read because he only has jump cs or falchions. sure once you hit there gonna take immense damage but that’s what’s hard, catchin them. i think people are gonna start counter pickin blade in tournaments with saki and megaman.

@Jose357: This is my new plan of action against keep away players - Super jump, dash forward, j.C

If you manage to hit them on the ground, even if they block, you can just continue with your combo until they misread your attack or keep mixing up with falchions until they lose it.

If they advance guard the j.C, just keep repeating the process.

There’s no way to fully counter pick Blade because you always have that secondary character to back you up, unless their counter pick works for both your characters.


Something big is on the horizon for you guys. I’ve been hard at work on it for months now, so expect it be up and running pretty soon. That’s all for now. Stay posted for updates… :wgrin: