How do you handle characters with teleports?

title says it all, would appreciate all helpful replies =)

Try and bait teleports, use your assists etc

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Depends on who’s teleport your dealing with. Some are more save than others.

baiting is good, but arthur’s at a disadvantage up close, and he doesn’t have a dash to rely on to escape, so what should i do after i baited it out?

also, i actually was successful before even against teleporters simply because haggar’s assist is godlike, but now that it’s not invulnerable anymore, what assist can i use against teleporters?

Strider’s Vajra is pretty fast and could catch em. Most teleports are predictable so you’d know where to start blocking.

As I use Arthur as anchor and think he really shines brighter in that position than anywhere else, giving tips that involve assists would be pointess as he will be alone a lot of times, so I’ll focus on what I try to do against teleporters when Arthur is alone.

don’t spam too many projectiles, some teleports can catch you during recovery, use stronger projectiles such as lances and axes, stay away from daggers, jump back, block and advguard.
More than that would be character specific, I think.

against Dante, for example, axe and bottle are your best friends, if you time them well while jumping back, he’ll often be hit out of teleport.
For Wesker, use lances with a big interval between them, delay the second button press the most you can.
For Phoenix, Vergil and the likes of them, you’re probably better using arrows.

Teleports are a real problem for Arthur, but if you keep moving and using the right projectiles, they’ll have a harder time getting to you.

I still think that characters that can run away from your projectiles such as Storm and Trish are even worse matchups than people with teleports.

I’m still adapting to Ultimate Arthur, but his dive as instant overhead and movement tool will probably be a really important part of his game.

Is b+H any better now? I figure it could help against teleporters.

That overhead is amazing. I always wanted to use Arthur is vanilla, but he was just too low tier. The jumping S alone has convinced me to come back to him. However, what is the movement tool you mentioned?

fire dragon!

Pretty sure the movement tool he mentioned was air S since he dives down very fast. As for dealing teleport characters, I usually avoid using any projectiles and look for a teleport. I punish teleports by doing St. S, but you get little damage from it and it’s sometimes difficult to do the air combo, so it might be better to do a different attack like St. H. Probably the hardest thing to counter is a teleport with an assist backing it up. I would suggest to jump around and fire arrows and look for a teleport to react to. If Arthur gets lockdown, then he might get a use with the improved Heavenly Slash to counter attack any mix ups and if it’s blocked, cancel into Goddess Bracelet or Golden Armor to make it safe.

I think he means that the jS can be used as a movement tool since it alters jump speed and whatnot. iirc you can empty cancel jS into projectiles, which makes you drop fast while throwing crap.

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teleports are the reason why i stopped playing arthur, i never found any REASONABLE counters to them… you try and bait it out? now they mixup and air/ground wavedash in and your fucked. think they will ground/wavedash in cause they think you will be baiting teleport, then you arrow or lance and they teleport through it… its a stupid neutral game mixup where if you guess right you do like 100k damage or so but if they guess right they KILL YOU. oh and if you guess right. literally 1 sec later you have to deal with the mixup again.

i hate teleports, they are waaay to strong. should take meter or be MUCH slower imho. there should be SOME risk associated with doing them other than the super rare airthrow or the occasional 1 hit AA.

i still havent seen any good tech versus teleporters other than to just rush them down.


If you know that your opponent likes to use teleport setups, there are two things I like to try:

  1. Use the Swallow Blade in advance to shield you. You can also get a follow-up from this if their assists don’t cover them in time.

  2. Jump straight up. Not necessarily sideways (but don’t hold the stick/pad if you’re jumping sideways and expect a teleport), but just stay off the ground so that you can either retaliate with a j.S or avoid the worst of it.

  3. Patience. Take a pause before you throw out your next weapon. If you wait, your opponent might end up assuming you’re going to throw out another projectile and teleport, and you’ll be able to block or counter.

Though the big thing with a teleporter is discipline. As an Arthur player, I can easily get too comfortable with the idea that my projectiles can lock someone down. But the truth is, a teleporter can be anywhere they want to be, and it’s imperative to understand that. For guys like Wesker, teleporting is just as natural as walking or jumping.

insta jump forward, insta double jump backwards S blow up behind teleports well. lead to combo too.

but overall you gotta bait it or read it before doing it

You could try grabbing them out of recovery. But since everyone cover their teleports with assists, then that’s pretty stupid.

You could try grabbing them out of recovery. But since everyone cover their teleports with assists, then that’s pretty stupid.

With my Arthur i stay mobile at all times, especially against teleporters, save all my meter for Armoring up, and fire a lot of Gold arrows. Gold arrows are awesome, good damage & chip, home in on enemies, and fly through many projectiles.

There have been quite a few instances when someone like a wesker or Vergil teleported behind me while i was jumping back or upwards while firing arrows. The gold arrows actually steered downward and hit them which was cool.

And of coarse jumping S. If you stay airborne then when they teleport behind, they’ll be somewhere beneath Arthur, and he can come down hard with jumping S and then launch into an air combo + OTG.

I would have to say that it is MUCH easier at tournaments with arthur because you can see what team your opponent is using: No teleport, you can use arthur in any team slot you want, but against a character with a teleport, put him as an anchor as you can just get golden armor and spam crossbows or punish with GM:FJ but make sure to always have at least 2 bars with arthur as an anchor against teleport characters, because you are in a tough situation if your armor gets off before they die.

well, just bait the teleports.try to read and punish the teleports just by blocking what they do after they teleport .
with dante, he teleports directly above what i do is just jump back and throw items a lot, try to be aggressive and super jump fire bottle,or use a jump and throw daggers as you’re falling down.but when you are throwing the daggers, don’t mash all 3.just play upon reaction and throw them one by one,so that way its not so readable.(sorry for the poor spelling/sentence structure)

Hey everyone. I’m kinda knew to the Arthur train , but I’m loving the ride lol.

I came across something yesterday in regards to dealing with teleporters. I got into the habit of throwing fire bottles like a mad man . Then by accident, I threw a fire bottle , a weaker teleported behind me and I air grabed , and threw them into the recently put down fire. I know under normal circumstance you can’t combo after an air throw by himself. So after I did that once by accident I tried to do it on purpose and its really not that hard. I agree its situational , but it is something. Works well as a crafty means of getting out of a corner too. Throw the bottle , and if they try to jump/teleport over , attempt the grab.

Like I said , I’m new to the Arthur train , so if this is old news I apologize lol.