How do you handle DJ?

Im having a lot of trouble handling good DJ’s. What’s the best way to fight against him? (mind u my footsies, block-strings, and zoning r almost non-existent)

Zoning, footsies and blockstrings + safejumps :stuck_out_tongue:

more specifically…?

You already know your problems, just train them no ?
Improve your ground game and footsies. Learn to confirm your cr:mk: into fadc bnb and cr:mp: CH fishing.
Just let alone the DF for a day and see what’s going on outside of it.

Vortex is pretty hard to use against him. You have to be perfect with your safejumps. His Jackknife Maximum is so annoying, but can be safejumped. Against good Dee-jay’s you can use air firebals to zone. Unfortunetly if you have problem with “zoning play”, like I do, you will have to improove it. I think it is crucial while palying agains DJ :slight_smile:

I find that the most viable strategy is to lame them out… U just zone them, cheap em, force em to go for bad placed jumps and punish those. St. HP as anti-air is your friend here, hit’s them out of those ST-style jump’s (like when they jump with that button that has probably around 1 million active frames).

Also I love to do bait DF palm on their wake-ups, just faking it, like I’m gonna try something on their wake-up 9\10 times they wake up with that reversal of theirs. All that’s left is to proceed to punish the living shit out of them for that.

In my opinion it’s just a lame match, u can’t vortex them, not by a long shot, it just isn’t a viable strategy. Can’t surprise jump at them either. Just use that arsenal of hadoukens Akuma has and play a lame game. Also it’s good to catch their tendences to use that double kick special to go through your fireballs, you can react to it with a shoryu, just like you do againts scrubby Bisons doing full screen Psycho Crushers.

P.S. I find it sadistically satisfying to win them using their favorite ‘lame em out’ strategy. Akuma wins the fireball war pretty easily, and DJ doesn’t do any damage, so it’s a pretty good match for Gouki imo.

yeah i have work on the spacing cuz they usually slide n hit me. u do it at any particular range? im thinking mid screen

Annoying matchup for sure. I actually think mid screen isn’t really the best place to be against DJ, he has a lot of options to counter whatever you do and puts you in tough spots in a fireball/footsie war because of his slide and knee shot. Ideally I think this is a matchup best played fullscreen or up close on knockdown obviously. Usually I try and reset my distance by backdashing as soon as I feel I’m in a bad spot.

Also I’m not too fond of air fireballs from most distances just because he can maneuver around them pretty easily and slide under you. I usually only use them for forward movement or pressure when I don’t think he’s queuing up an anti air.

Find some decent DJs online or off and see if you can get them to play you a bunch of matches while you use Ryu or just really try and stick to playing on the ground with Akuma.

I don’t know if this is a bad matchup for Akuma but it is certainly one of the ones I hate the most due to the fact that we have to change our mindset to mostly fundamentals based tactics and because there aren’t a ton of DJ players out there.

bait that shitty srk spinny kick thing with point blank Hard demon flip palms. if you do it fast enough he’ll miss his spinny kick, and just land next to you for some delicious punishings
learn to predict, and focus or srk his jumping knee

Ok so here is the run down on DJ.

First of all, I will warn you this match up exposes players and their ability to zone/keep proper spacing. There is one only one range that DJ actually wins at and this is just outside of sweep range where Akuma can’t really do anything safely. If DJ can stay there he is most likely to win the match up. The key is to keep him out of this range at all costs.

At max range you can bully his projectile game quite easily. If he doesn’t have meter you can throw fireballs almost at will. DJ’s jump is so floaty you can take more risks till he gets into knee drop range. Mixing between your collection of projectiles forces him to play to your game. One one unforgiveable sin from this range is to let DJ throw a LP fireball uncontested. If he does he can simply follow it in and once that happens you have no choice but to block.

DJ will attempt to get around the fireballs, but you can beat all of his options to do so. If he ever slides at a range you can sweep, WHIFF PUNISH THAT! Don’t let him slide for free! It is easy to react to especially when you know he is going to do it. If he jumps AA him, even the annoying knee drop is easy to AA if you are looking for it.

Now when he gets meter things get a little more tricky, this is when you have to be calculated in how you throw your fireballs. If DJ is sitting on charge do not throw a fireball! It is too easy to react to. Instead try to bait DJ into giving up his charge. DJ’s only options to move forward while maintaining his charge is to slide or to jump, but if you are sweep punishing/AAing this then DJ has zero options that are safe. So DJ either has to do something with his charge (Throw a fireball or do a Sobat) or give it up. As soon as he does you can resume your normal fireball game if he is out of jumping range. If he throws a fireball, throw one in response to make sure he gains nothing off of it. If you get a good read on the fireball you can even throw a red fireball.

Now the other spot that players get messed up on is on DJ’s wake up. DJ’s wake up is both really good and really bad at the same time. It is good in the sense that traditional vortex techniques aren’t as effective, but here is the thing, DJ’s wake up is also prone to meaty attacks. If you properly time a jab or short to be meaty you can actually block all of DJ’s reversals. Akuma’s plan against DJ’s wake up is less about crazy mix ups and more about solid consistent pressure.

You’ll find if you play the match up correctly DJ has very little offense against Akuma and not many answers to the teleport. If you play good solid fundimentals DJ can’t lay a hand on you.

^ 'nuff said. Actually implementing this will require you to be a better fundamental player, which is always the better investment.

after a close sweep i believe u can safe jump on him. take a small step foward then jump mk for cross up (i think its safe on all except his ex uppercut). im guessing instant dive kick is safe too… i would try it in training mode first.

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<div class=“QuoteText”>Im having a lot of trouble handling good DJ’s. What’s the best way to fight against him? (mind u my footsies, block-strings, and zoning r almost non-existent)</div>

Deejay has some annoying normals, which further compliment his impressive specials. His slide acts as an anti air, so, don’t bother jumping towards him. Don’t always assume he will use “Oh yeah!” (Maximum Jackknife) to get through your fireballs, as his slide can be used to get under your fireballs.</p><p>When Deejay walks up after a Max out, judge the distance and immediately do an air fireball, followed by a Demon flip>palm. The fireball will put him in block stun long enough for you to follow up with demon flip palm.</p><p>Again, use your own discretion. There is no text book answer on how to deal with a specific Deejay player. It just boils down to match practice.</p><p>Check out vids below to get a better understanding of how Deejay is used.</p><p>Btw, well played against Dieminion. Keep it up. </p><p><a href=“”></a></p><p><a href=“”></a><br></p> :smiley: