How do you handle insane combos?


I’m relativily new to fighting games in general, but one day about two years ago I picked up skullgirls and fell in love with it. Played a lot of arcade mode, did the stories, but as soon as I hopped online. I basically stood no chance. Many matches I’ve played I get totally stomped, constant combos where it almost feels cheap. However, I know this is the game, and the fighting game style that skullgirls is. I’ve always strayed from these kind of fighting games.

However, as I love the game so much. I don’t want to just throw it aside because I can’t adapt.

How do you handle these combos?


This helps me a lot:
go to training mode,
slow down speed to 50-75%,
and hit your basic combos.

When you see the spark of a landed hit(yellow), press the next button as soon as it lands.
also enable the stun meter to know how many ticks you have before the hit stun ends.


Hey, thanks for the advice. I’ll give it a shot right now.