How do you handle this without violence?


OK I lied, you can use violence too.


Touch dicks like men, pussy.


Swashbuckler style, or more like Ghostbusters, crossing the stream?


Buddy of mine and I, we used to call it Ikari Warriors, the bubbles were enemies we had to shoot.


people do the same shit when im in the parking lot walking into the store. They will try to park right were im walking even though the whole lot is empty


Hold your piss and wait for the douche to start talking, then when you are sure they are done with their business, proceed to piss on their legs/face/sandals.


They must have read your posts here.


I think they are friends… Or one of them is drug dealer…


Holy fuck, another alt account?


Piss in his urinal. Mark your territory. Assert your dominance.


looks like the " official " GD Lounge picture


Having pissed on some ones loafers, just wave your dick around and say “awww man not again i got pee on my hands” your potential attacker should then withdraw from thier attack


This situation could only be made worse if the guy walking up went around to the other side and took the spot directly left of you.


“Single mom brought you up buddy?”


Turn to face him and say, “You UP for a sword fight? My sword is bigger.”


Piss in your urinal on approach, then as he gets closer, piss on the urinals next to you on either side. and go “Claimed. Need all 3.”.


Or just fake a seizure and spray piss everywhere. When they complain say “Sorry mate, piss shivers.”


you turn around and poop in the urinal.


Shit urself very loudly and look at him with a smile