How do you hit the second row of buttons?

I tend to go vacilate - sometimes I use the mid-finger knuckles, but sometimes they get sore or I get sloppy and go back to my fingertips.

Same as I hit the first row. I don’t see how that’s really a problem unless you play Boxer.

Usually, fingertips. Being able to play this way is one of the biggest advantages of using arcade-style controls versus a console controller. It makes for good economy of movement and nice, clean commands.

I occasionally use either my mid-finger joints and/or my thumb, but only in certain situations (like playing Balrog and charging the turn punch). It’s too awkward to play that way in most other situations.

Fingertips, I couldn’t be as accurate with mid-finger joints.

I didn’t even realize this was an issue for some people.

This is an issue for me.

How do the pros play, like daigo?

With my hand/fingers’s_Hands.wmv

That was pretty fucking neat. Are those Japanese-style controls?

It’s weird how he plays with his hand floating like that. It reminds me of watching Eddie Van Halen’s picking hand. It’s amazing that he can strike the buttons with such accuracy that way.

Yeah those are japanese controls, you can tell by the ball top + arched buttons combination.

Cool. I guessed from having read about them, since I’ve never actually seen what they look like until now.

When I play, I usually lay down the heel of my palm and arch my fingers over the buttons, as if I were typing on a keyboard. It seems pretty normal to me, so I have to wonder if a lot of people have their right hand floating when they play.

Agreed. No random swipes at buttons, no shaking the stick, everything is just soft, fast, and deadly accurate. Daigo is amazing.


Sometimes I find myself hitting the HK button in Capcom games, and LK in MK with my mid pinky joint. I think eventually after long period of arcade gaming my hands just want to curl up and rest.

fingertips unless im doing UOH or taunt

Do you have a video of him playing A3 with the camera on his hands?

I didn’t record the video of Daigo’s hands, did.


if your not using your fingertips then, you fail?

Fingertips, though I can see why others might not like it that way. I hit every single button with my index and middle fingers together, except when I have to hit buttons in quick sequence; then I’ll get the other fingers involved…

… wait, wait, wait, this is getting a little disturbing…