How do you hold your balltop Joystick?


I’m sorry if this is wrong forum.
Just got new TE and I have been messing around with it.

Before I build my habit, I just want to see which might be best way to hold the joystick.

  • Hold the bottom of the ball between Index and middle fingers
  • Hold the bottom of the ball between middle and ring fingers
  • Caress top of the ball in the middle of your palm.
  • Caress side of the ball in the middle of your palm.
  • or…??

What’s the best option, and why?

Thanks in advance.


It all depends on preference. Whatever you feel most comfortable with. I hold mine between middle and ring finger while my palm is facing up and the thumb on top of the balltop.


I use three fingers in a sort of triangle. Thumb on the bottom right, index curled around the top, and middle finger curled up buffering it on the bottom left.




Hmm, do you guys keep the rest of the hand on the stick or do you have it floating?


Just wine glass that bitch.


I was wondering this same question. lol


Wine glass for QCF/ B fighters. 3 finger penis head grip for the charge fighters. yeah, I said it! PENIS


Right now my grip is changing by the minute…
so no consistency… I haven’t found anything natural yet.
I do feel like I’m tensing up on my shoulder though.


You don’t need to try hard to pull off moves on the TE stick if every thing works properly. Just put yer hands together and mumble “Yogayogayogayoga” til ya calm down between matches :slight_smile: Its all about speed and timing. Not how hard you hit the buttons :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m trying to hit off Ryu’s supers easier. I have a hard time doin it on a stick. So I’m going to try some of these out and hopefully it helps my execution. I’m new to using sticks so…its hard moving from a pad…my native to a stick.


I use the wine glass style, but instead of in- between middle and ring, it is between ring and pinky. offers faster motions. and allows you to hold the ball with side of palm. put your thumb on right side of ball.

[media=youtube]VMHoTfgc2XU[/media] (First six seconds and last ten seconds esp.



I probably have the most unorthodox way of holding it. I use only my thumb and index finger holding the balltop.


Sometimes I kinda switch it around depending on the game I play. For tekken I usually have my four fingers wrapped around the top and my thumb for pushing the right side (basically as If I was just holding it regularly. But for Street Fighter I find myself using my index and middle finger to hold the top, and my thumb holding the bottom (So I’m really only holding it with thre fingers) It’s kinda weird, but everyone has their own preference :stuck_out_tongue:


this is me… :slight_smile:


Thanks for all the ideas. I feel like I tried all those methods. Now, I just gotta stick to one method and practice.

I usually get pretty decent doing moves from left or right side of the opponent. Any ideas as to how to be consistently good in either side?

While, I am clumsy on joystick, I feel like there’s a lot more control/feedback compared to playing on pad. Meaning, I think I could improve a lot more in time! :sweat:

I’m not hitting anything hard… I think that might be one reason why my shoulder feels tense, just trying to get a good feel for how to use the stick and buttons. I’m practicing simple moves before I go back to trying combos.

I have same problem… I can fireball all day long, just can’t seem to get super/ultras down right. I just got it last night, so I’m thinking I’ll need to practice more.


Same as Mavgink.


To get good on either side, you’ll just have to keep practicing. After you start noticing you go for a certain grip and get used to it, you’ll just have to go sit in practice mode & repeat supers/ultras until you get em consistent.


depends on my mood


I play on a Happ stick and I usually have all my fingers on the outside with my thumb around the inside. I’ve found this makes my moves a little inconsistent so I’m experimenting with different fingertip and split grips to see what helps the most. My back dash is the test I use. If I can back dash at will, I figure the grip is working.

It’s tempting to make a mirror image stick so I can use my right hand for the stick and left for the buttons.