How do you hold your stick when you play?


The most difficult thing about playing fighting games for me currently is that I have nothing in my room to put my stick on directly in front of the tv. How do you guys all deal with this? Put it on your legs? Did you make a crazy contraption?

Gimme some ideas here people!


I just sit it on my lap. Always have it no matter where you go. Really comes down to preference and what your comfortable with.


you mean a table? :stuck_out_tongue:

anyways i also put it in my lap. Also prefer to sit in a chair instead of a sofa, just because im used to playing on my computer monitor


Grab a seat, stick in lap.


same here. some people play on the floor and some on their bed. it all depends on what you have available in front of the TV. i feel if you have an SE or TE you have a stable platform you can use so that’s why i use a chair and rest the stick on my lap.


Knees bent 90 degrees while sitting on a chair. Stick on lap.


I may put it on my lap, or on the floor in front of me, but then I have to sit in a weird position. I suppose one thing you could do is get a small cheap table, and attach a bunch of velcro pads connecting the stick to the table.


see, I do the stick on lap thing too but I can’t help feeling like it screws up my game.
what I was doing was putting the stick on my computer desk and turning my head to the left to see my 37" LCD where I play on. but that hurt. and was just unreasonable.


My advice: Chair+stick in lap, most universal besides the floor. You just need to get used to it. It’ll take a while but you’ll get used to it.
This is how I play mostly, even though I don’t prefer it. However it made me ease down on some of my overzealous execution to keep the stick from moving around so much, making me a better player for it.

Whenever I see pros playing in an awkward floor position and still beating down without a hitch, I’m encouraged to not let things like positioning effect me.
Just my thoughts.


what stick are you using? i think you should use something big. TE’s are nice and sturdy, good weight. in your lap they should be fine.


I’m using a Hori Real Arcade Pro 3.
I really REALLY want a TE, but as a lowly $200 a week intern, it’s not in the cards at the moment.
Unless someone has one they want to get rid of? :slight_smile:


While the lap is the most portable of the options, and it’s also the most child-friendly (as the kid likes to sit and slap my buttons while i’m playing.), when i’m really ready to play, i grab a foldup tray-table. The kind that you use to eat at a couch/lay-z-boy in the living room. It sits in front of me, if i want to sit back, i can lean it towards me a bit (the feet of the TE holds it against) and it feels a lot more pro than lapping it.

However… 90% of the time. Lap.


Lap almost always, occasionally I sit on the floor and have the stick between my legs (derp). TE btw. Sometimes it slides a li’l when playing on my lap, but you get used to it and readjust.


dont waste your money. (coming from a guy who owns quite a few TE’s) dont get me wrong they are excellent sticks, but if i was cash strapped then i’d stay with the hrap3. until finances get better

theres no significant difference between them, the only thing you can do is 6 obsf or n 30’s and 2 button plugs and swap them out.
otherwise your cool. and maybe you can search out a thread on how to put some extra weight in the stick.

only open it up if you know what your doing. (this is because ive neer modded anything, but i am reading up on how to…)

but you may need soldering skills to change the buttons on your hori, iirc. ( @ JDM feel free to jump in and correct me)


You should learn to play on your lap primarily because it’s always available in any playing situation. It will really help if you decide to play in settings where your favorite desk/table/stand isn’t available i.e. A tournament or at your friends place or what have you.


Typing in school because I heard jdm714 is needed.

I am here to correct you, yes.
ronswanson will not need to solder for switching Buttons.

ronswanson has HRAP 3.

Not all HRAP have Quick Disconnect.

The Game Licensed ones are known to have Buttons soldered to PCB.
There are a few that have Quick Disconnect though.

PlayStation 2 with Game License and soldered Buttons
HRAP Soulcalibur III
HRAP Tekken 5
HRAP Arcana Heart
HRAP Suggoi! Arcana Heart 2
HRAP Fate/unlimited codes

PlayStation 3 with Game License and soldered Buttons
HRAP Street Fighter IV
HRAP BlazBlue

But all other HRAP have Quick Disconnect.

PlayStation 2 with Game License and Quick Disconnect
HRAP Capcom Fighting Jam

PlayStation 3 with Game License and Quick Disconnect
HRAP Tekken 6

HRAP BlazBlue: Continuum Shift
HRAP Arcana Heart 3

Xbox 360 with Game License and Quick Disconnect
HRAP Deathsmiles
HRAP Mushihimesama Futari
HRAP Tekken 6
HRAP Deathsmiles IIX

Hyper Stick PRO Otomedius Gorgeous Ver.

HRAP BlazBlue: Continuum Shift
HRAP Arcana Heart 3

Yes, that means all the non-Game License HRAP have Quick Disconnect.
Do I have to list those too?

PlayStation 2
HRAP ver.B


PlayStation 3


HRAP 3 Premium VLX

Xbox 360




On a desk. People ask how I can play with my hands so high, and I feel like it’s my best setup. I’ve been doing it so long that I actually can’t (literally) play on my lap anymore. Preferred method is to play parallel to my monitor. But recent events has caused me to start using a 22 inch LCD and I’ve developed playing at an angle. Which, unfortunately, has yielded some unfavorable results. Jumping when pressing forward to charge, completely dropping inputs, and missing buttons. My advice to is to NOT play sideways, whatever you do.


Used to use a cheap Ikea side table that I cut down to the size of a Hrap 1, when we moved it got lost along the way, we had some old table and chairs from Ikea sitting in the garage.

So as I was loading them up to take to the scrapper, I thought hold on… and cut the back off one of the chairs and now use it as a table for my TE.'s%20Table%20%26%20Chair%20Set.jpg


@ JDM, you are the man.

what more can i say.