How do you hold your stick?

I have been holding my stick the same way for the past few years, and I always thought I’d just get better at doing QCFQCF motions from one player side (double qcf to the right). But I just can’t get it consistently. I see my gameplay always trying to get myself on the 2p side, even if it puts myself in the corner, just because I know I can super from there 100%, and not from 1p.

Here’s how I hold it:

And I always seem to have trouble going from 6 to 2 while doing qcfqcf motion - my hand seems to open up too much while doing a fast QCF and I can’t get it back down in time.

Any tips?

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It’s kind of hard and awkward to explain how I grip the joystick. I open my hand so that my palm is facing up, and slide my hand towards the bottom so that the stick is between my middle finger and my ring finger, then I turn my hand into a fist vertically.

Edit: Sorry, didn’t read about asking for tips. Holding it the way I do, I have full control over the stick so double qcf motion doesn’t make my hand open up. IAD’ing, it does… but I think it’s because I have a unorthodox way of doing it (I do it to the left with my thumb!).

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I’m more of a D-pad kinda guy, every time I go to stick I end up jumping a lot trying to throw a fireball. Might practice later, no incentive right now.

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this is how i hold it.

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I think this way of holding it would work best for games that don’t utilize an IAD.

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What is IAD

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